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Should Wii U Offer 3D Gaming?

By aquizero on May 23 2012 08:24 PM
Nintendo really was the pioneer behind making 3D a really fun user experience, by introducing the 3DS. In the beginning, it may have been met with some hesitation but hands on experience helped many overcome their initial protest. This is not to say that 3D wasn't already around before the launch of the 3DS. Movie theaters, for example, had nearly every movie capable of playing in 3D. In fact, that's the current craze. Even the people at Sony decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer 3D games.

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A market is growing as 3D becomes more popular in gaming because of Nintendo's triumph. Sony also went a step further by creating a 3D split screen TV, that allows two individuals to see completely separate images while looking at the same screen. The obvious downside (if you want to call it that) is that you still have to use 3D glasses; something that 3DS owners have grown to live without. The real question is, "should Nintendo add 3D gaming for the Wii U?" If your immediate answer is no, I wouldn't blame you. Why would they want to take any "edge" away from the 3DS? It wouldn't make sense, would it? I think if Nintendo tried to use the "glasses free" 3D approach again, it would fail on the Wii U. Yes, the new controller could potentially make that a possibility, but that would force us to use the controller screen. The Wii U is designed to use both your normal TV and the new controller; not one or the other.

If Nintendo chose to bring 3D gaming to their new console, it would have to follow in the footsteps of PlayStation 3, taking us back to HD 3D TVs with the use of 3D glasses. Give the consumers the "option" to play a game in 3D or standard. Many Nintendo 3DS owners can tell you how impacting a 3D game can be. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, for example, is a perfect example of how 3D helped you dive into Link's world like never before. I would have also loved to see Mario Galaxy in 3D! It would have worked great in my opinion. The bottom line is, why should we miss this opportunity on Nintendo's first HD console?

Those who simply do not like 3D, won't use it. This is how it stands on the 3DS with the depth slider. This feature may never come to fruition, though, if my memory is correct, the PS3 originally wasn't released with 3D gaming as a feature but it was added later throughout the systems life cycle. So, I wouldn't count this feature out just yet.

Would you like the "option" of 3D gaming on Wii U?

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I think the option would be nice. I personally do not have a 3D TV nor do I know anyone that does. If 3D isn't an option on the Wii U, I'm not going to be upset about it.
Yes that is my feeling. An "option" would be good. I have been looking into a 3D TV's as my HDTV is already 5+ years old. When I upgrade I'll be getting 3D so the more games that offer this the better.
I don't think Nintendo should offer 3D gaming for the Wii U controller; that's what the 3DS is for. I think the Wii U controller is meant to be designed for an interactive, unique style of gameplay that works in tandem with the on-screen gameplay. Think about how much production costs would be. Plus, we won't be able to take our controllers with us outside of the Infrared (IR) range. I just don't see this happening.
Yeah...you don't want Nintendo over saturating their audience with too much 3Dness...leave it as it for now. Maybe down the track but I don't see it, while Nintendo loves to innovate (Wii - motion control and 3DS - ...the 3D) they don't seem to follow the pack.

Look how long it took them to offer 1080p graphics at a time when the two other major players had had it on their consoles for ages.

Nintendo sets the trend and other companies stand on their shoulders exclaiming, "Look what we made!", with Move and Kinect...Bitch please.

View PostJapandaman, on 05 June 2012 - 10:17 AM, said:

Nintendo sets the trend and other companies stand on their shoulders exclaiming, "Look what we made!", with Move and Kinect...Bitch please.

Hahaha that is so very true. I would really like 3D personally but I will not be disappointed if it is not part of the new console. I mean that is partly why I own a 3DS. :)
A 3d option would be awesome but i dont think its needed.. the whole thing really was that its to help gamers play and comunicate together.. it would be both weird and cool to have a 3d image while video chatting but hardly nessesary.. i might invest in one but not sure yet.. no big name games for it to make me want one..
The option would certainly be welcomed but since I am sure nintendo is worried about cost this would not be something they would strive for.
Would putting an option for it be neat?  yes
Would people buy it? some yes
Would it be worth the time and effort knowing the 3DS is their? No
Personally if it had a 3D option and I had a 3D tv I still wouldn't use it. Not a big fan of the 3D effect.
Now that u mentioned it, I do sometimes turn off my 3d.. so I guess on nit exactly a huge fan.. but it Really does enhance game play
Yes it does enhance game play and having it on a portable device is an entry way into this gaming technology. I think that those who always have 3D on (me) would also love 3D on Nintendo's new HD games.
The only problem is that (those who dont have 3d tvs yet) the games are mostly played on the tv screen so having a 3d game pad would be cool but would ultimatly be a flat 3ds..
Yes that is true. Not everyone has a 3D TV and maybe never will but Sony has offered 3D games and those who have tried it, know the benefit that 3D gaming gives to an HD game! So I think the option should be there.
I like the idea of an option

View PostSkitty843, on 19 June 2012 - 08:46 AM, said:

I like the idea of an option

That is all I ask for. It is not too much too much to ask from Nintendo is it?
No and yes.. thats alot of extra programming for them, isnt it? :pepsi:
Well its alot of extra programming.. right? :bowser:
I do not know the specifics behind 3D gaming. I mean I know they can make games 3D after the fact so I just do not know. Maybe it isn't worth the time of Nintendo or the developers.