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Super Mario Bros. U Next Main Series Wii U Mario?

By Kevin on Oct 26 2012 05:43 PM
While performing a few domain searches earlier, I came across an interesting domain that was registered approximately a year and a half ago. The domain, supermariobrosu.com was registered by Nintendo of America, via Melbourne IT DBS, on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011.

Melbourne IT DBS is the primary company that Nintendo of America utilizes for their domain management. What's interesting, is that newsupermariobrosu.com was also registered by Nintendo of America on that same date. What we're interested in know, is whether or not Nintendo will renew the domain name come June 8th of 2013.

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Was Nintendo planning on initially using the name Super Mario Bros. U for their upcoming Wii U title? Were they unsure what the title was going to be, or do they have something else planned for that name? Chances are, this isn't anything to get excited over, but I have seen some strange things happen in the past with Nintendo and their choice of domain names.

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