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Target Slashes Wii U Basic Price To $239.99

By Kevin on May 22 2013 06:41 PM
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Retail giant Target has hit a bullseye. And, they've targeted the Wii U Basic Set.

Let's be honest, fellow Nintendo fans. The current retail software lineup for Wii U doesn't exactly measure up to epic proportions. Currently having only a handful of AAA titles, plenty more on the way in the coming year. Since the debut of the Wii U back in November, sales haven't lived up to Nintendo's expectations. Even retailer Costco significantly chopped their Wii U Basic/ Premium Set prices nearly four months ago, last January.

Retailer Target have recently slashed a whopping 20% off the Wii U Basic Set — the all-white model that features 8GB of internal flash memory and no bundled game — in an effort to move more of its inventory. The Wii U Basic Set currently retails for $299.99. Target is currently selling it for $239.99. That's not half-bad if you've been excited to get your hands on a Wii U.

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Wow. Sounds pretty good.

I often wonder why Nintendo even made the basic set. It has always seemed pointless when it's only $50 less than the deluxe...
Nice. I still like the white system more than the black.
Cool may just buy one now :)