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Tears! Tears! Tears! With Some Tank! Tank! Tank!

By Kevin on Dec 27 2012 10:06 PM
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Meet 7-year-old Reese, a young man who's filled with an endless supply of emotion for Namco Bandai's Wii U launch title Tank! Tank! Tank!. And, by emotion, we're referring to tears of joy; lots and lots of tears. It wouldn't take long before Reese's Father was on the verge of bawling himself, while recording the emotional episode through the eye of a video camera. Reese's Father sent the video to Kotaku and shared the details about how the tissue paper unfolded during that rainy Christmas morning in Florida.

Father said:

We were on vacation in Disney World when we were hit with a particularly rainy day. I brought them down to the resort's arcade, and they played Tank! Tank! Tank! for hours, literally. Reese and his brother are 7 and 5 so the ability to take photos of themselves in odd costumes, the bright colors and the rumbling of the arcade really got them hooked. Not sure if this was picked up in the video, my nervous tittering in the background was a guise to cover up the fact I was on the verge of tears.

We commend you for your bravery, Reese, even if Tank! Tank! Tank! wasn't well-received. At least we know you're enjoying the heck out of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and find that mop and bucket before I end up drowning, myself.

Source: Kotaku, via Nintendo Life

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Oh the joys of being young and getting that excited! lol
wait, it was a launch title? even in North America? I have been looking for it, regardless of the reviews