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The Problem With The Wii U Demo Play Limit, Is You

By Kevin on Dec 13 2012 09:51 PM
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Rather than branding this article's title with something like, Wii U Demos Have Play Limit or Wii U Demos Can Only Be Played A Certain Number Of Times, we've given it a more appropriate and suitable title. Here's the problem with the play limit that's imposed for Wii U demos, from a personal perspective.

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Ever since the Rayman Legends and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed demos became available earlier today, I've mostly read complaints about the play limit that came coupled along with them. There have been a few sparse snippets stating how awesome the demos were, but they've surely been upstaged by their capped number of play limit controversy.

The problem with the imposed play limit that the demos have is that there are people who will always complain about these types of frivolous details. Not only are there complaints about the limit, but Nintendo bashing is ensuing in the process. Even if a demo had 99 plays, people would complain about it because it has a number tied to it. It's simply not fair to complain about something, without providing an accompanying solution to the issue.

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While Nintendo states there are play limits put in place for demos, that number is entirely up to the publisher of the game to decide upon. Demos such as FIFA 13 have a play limit of 10, Rayman Legends has 30 and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has 15. First and foremost, we should all be thankful that game developers and publishers care enough to even give us demos. I'll bet that most of these complainers haven't even taken the time to add up how many Wii U games don't have a demo. The Rayman Legends demo was enough to sell me on the game, and I only played it once. I might play it again a few times, but that's because I mostly enjoyed the heck out of Castle Rock. The gameplay, sound and visuals were also exceptionally awesome. From all of the demos I've ever downloaded, I was able to decide whether or not I'd purchase the game on the first play. If I played the demo again, it was to make sure I didn't miss anything, be it demo features or control functionality.

So, for the people who are complaining about the Wii U demos having play limits, I'd like to ask them four simple questions.
  • Is one, two or even three plays for a demo, not enough to sell you on the product?
  • Why would you want to play a demo more than 10, 15 or even 30 times?
  • Do you realize that play limits were imposed for 3DS demos as well?
  • What benefit would there be to having unlimited plays for a demo?
I'd really like to hear responses to these questions, from those who are upset with the Wii U demo play limits. Who knows, maybe there's a valid point out there? Even if you're OK with the imposed play limits, what are your thoughts? Let's hear your war cry!

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I've found the limit on total demo start-ups for the Wii U and 3DS to be fairly reasonable. One playthrough is usually enough for me, but I may replay if I really enjoyed it. In most cases, though, the problem I have with game demos across all platforms isn't an arbitrary limit on how many times you can load the software, but rather the content itself.

The demos are usually too short or shallow for me to properly judge whether I'd want the game, but when I do download demos, it's usually because I've already decided that I do want the game and I want a preview of what I'm paying $80+ for.

Thankfully, the 3DS and Wii U demos I have played thus far have a very reasonable amount of content, which I applaud the developers/publishers for.

Back to the limits, though, I still don't quite understand why the demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS has unlimited plays in the US, but a 30-play limit in Europe and Australia.
I think all demos have the 30 play limit. I have the demo for Theatrhythm and it has the limit. But on topic, I also think 30 is more than enough. It's too bad those complaining are either 1) cheap or 2)...super cheap? I don't understand their logic of what a demo is supposed to be. :blink:
I think I agree with you, ScrawnyBrony...I have given this some thought, the 30 play limit seems fair. I dont get how people complain about the limits, they seem to be expecting the game for free. And to that I say, stop being so cheap, Unlike games on iOS or Android, these publishers dont stuff their games full of ads. The demo is there so you can try out a title, then make a decision on a purchase. If you pass on it, you have no need to play it again. If you decide to buy a title, then fork out the money for the full version. These developers are here to make money after all.

I personally dont like demos that much, but have tried a few on WiiWare, 3DS and Wii U. And I can only think of one title where I kept it longer than 48hrs ( FIFA 13 on Wii U). I usually delete a demo within 24hrs after trying it a few times. And most of the time, I dont purchase a game I have demo'd. I actually prefer watching the videos and reading the preview/reviews or hearing what people say online.

But I know the demo is a good thing to have because there are people who like them. But those people who complain, stop being so cheap and wanting something for free all the time.

ScrawnyBrony, on 14 December 2012 - 03:22 AM, said:

I think all demos have the 30 play limit. I have the demo for Theatrhythm and it has the limit. But on topic, I also think 30 is more than enough. It's too bad those complaining are either 1) cheap or 2)...super cheap? I don't understand their logic of what a demo is supposed to be. :blink:
I think people are being babies about the demo limit. I rarely play a demo more than once. I do not see a reason to play them more than that. Just be happy a demo is out in the first place.
I don't see a problem at all with limits. I just got Adventure Time for the 3DS yesterday and it's limit is 5. Only reason I'd like it to be a little more is sometimes I don't get to complete the demo because something comes up. So I played it once yesterday and wasted a try since I had to go right away. But even at 5 that's enough to get a good feel for the game and decide if I want it or not.

I was sold on a few games from demos and I went out and bought them. I wish more games had demos because they really help to expand a gamer into looking at games they might not other wise consider. To complain about the limit or anything about demos is just stupid because it's better to have something then to have nothing.
The demo limit is perfectly fine for me. I usually don't play a demo more than 3 or so times anyways. So putting a 10 or so(like Sonic) or a 30 limit(Rayman) I feel is justified

View PostKevin, on 13 December 2012 - 10:04 PM, said:

Why would you want to play a demo more than 10, 15 or even 30 times?

I admit, I'm guilty of this one. I used to play a Dark Cloud demo disc all the time. To be fair, I didn't really have very many games, and those I did, I played to death(or my parents pawned, I didn't really start building a game collection of my own until about '04). The interesting thing about this demo was that it was timed, instead of stopping at a set point. I would attempt to get as far as possible each time.