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This Is How The Wii U Friend System Works

By Kevin on Nov 19 2012 05:12 AM

An incoming request from Reggie!
The dreadful twelve-digit Friend Code system, utilized by the Nintendo 3DS, was recently replaced with a more efficient system with Nintendo's newest home console; Wii U. The arduous task of exchanging lengthy strings of numbers is now simplified with the all-new Nintendo Network ID. With the Nintendo Network ID, or NNID, Wii U owners have the ability to use a more customized, flexible and efficient online ID for connecting with their friends and family.

The Nintendo Network ID criteria and format, as detailed in our recently published article Nintendo Network ID Format Confirmed, has its benefits. How exactly does it work though? How are potential friends inter-connected between Wii U systems? Is it actually easier to use, and did Nintendo develop a better social experience?

There are two different methods in which you can interact with the Wii U friend system. First, you can visit your Friend List, accessible by tapping an icon on the home menu. The other way, likely more simplistic, is to visit the Miiverse hub. Each avenue allows for adding friends and viewing incoming friend requests by others, in slightly different ways.

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By exchanging your Nintendo Network ID with others via the Friend List, you can begin to build your Friend list. As with the 3DS, a maximum of 100 friends can be added to your Friend List. Each person must register each other's NNID in order for anything to happen. For example, let's say Bill adds Patricia's NNID, but Patricia doesn't add Bill's. Bill will have a "provisionally registered friend" on his Friend List while Patricia won't have Bill listed at all. If Patricia adds Bill's NNID, both will become added to each other's Friend List. This is exactly how the 3DS Friend Code system handles friends, less the incoming request notifications.

The other, likely easier method, utilizes Miiverse and can be done by following a few short steps.
  • Start Miiverse
  • Go to the User Menu, located in the upper-left hand corner (click your Mii picture)
  • Choose "Search User" from the menu
  • Type in the desired Nintendo Network ID you wish to view
  • View that person's profile
  • Tap the "Friend Request" button
Which method does everyone prefer to use for requesting friends? Do you think Nintendo should stick to one method of adding friends? Let us know what you think, and what your desired method is for adding and requesting friends.

Source: Wii U Support - Miiverse - Nintendo

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I hope there is a "Avoid Player" option like on Xbox.
So then i don't have to play with Hacking Idiots.
Seems pretty fair
I do not see an issue either way. It is nice to have options.
Much better than 3DS friend codes.  Also, who doesn't want to choose a more customized code, rather than random numbers?
I wish we can add more than 100 lol. I have lots of friends.

View PostCandy, on 20 November 2012 - 01:30 AM, said:

I wish we can add more than 100 lol. I have lots of friends.

I can't believe we're limited to only 100 friends. Did you know that 3,000 Mii characters can be stored in your Wii U Mii Studio? Makes complete sense, right? Come on, Nintendo.