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What Happens If You Deactivate Your Nintendo Network Account?

By Kevin on Nov 18 2012 11:13 PM
Whether you decided to wait in line for an entire month (like Triforce Johnson), or show up a few hours prior to a store that wasn't yet opened, you had a plan. Your plan was to rush yourself, along with Wii U, home as quickly as humanly possible. You had one chance, one shot, to secure your unique Nintendo Network ID before anyone else did.

Days later, after adding hundreds of dollars to the Wii U eShop and building your friends list, you decided that your Nintendo Network ID just wasn't the one you wanted. In a hurried frenzy, you figure out how to deactivate your current Nintendo Network ID and create a new one.

Before doing this, it's important to know the following information:
  • Deactivating a Nintendo Network Account will also delete the following information associated to the account: Nintendo eShop activity and balance, Friend List, Miiverse activity, and registered e-mail address.
  • Deactivated accounts cannot be restored.
  • The username associated to a deactivated Nintendo Network Account cannot be reused to create a new Nintendo Network Account.
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Source: Official Wii U Support | Nintendo

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Good information. I see a few people deleting their account and not knowing the ramifications that are involved.
Yes, this is very good to know.