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Wii U Controller To Have HD Or 3D Display?

By Kevin on Feb 20 2012 12:38 AM
Speculation culminates as there seems to be a gradual increase of talk regarding the new Wii U controller. Multiple microphones (front and rear) for in-game voice recognition or voice-activated control features and a front-facing camera for possible use by facial recognition software, have been topics of recent discussion. But there's something else being talked about as well. New talk among the gaming community suggests that the Wii U controller could possibly use an HD or 3D display. If the final controller product does, in fact, have an HD or 3D display, what does that mean for the consumer? I can't imagine what kind of effect that would have on the gaming market?

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I think if the final controller does have HD or 3D in the controller then it could make quite an impact on the gaming industry. Not only is Nintendo going to be the first console maker to make a tablet like controller for one of their home consoles but it would also be able to support HD, 3D, and a multitude of other features. I think this would bring the attention back to Nintendo as an innovative gaming company.

That is just my personal opinion though. interested to find out what others think about this topic.
Probably HD,3DS is small &cost $170;Nintendo knows better than to make a controller that would cost so much+the Wii U console....naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh son+where's the depth slider?1-2-3 Exactly!!!!It would be cool though I'd be livin' the dream yeah livin' the dream.