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Wii U eShop And Wii U Mii Studio Details

By Kevin on Nov 09 2012 06:38 AM
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Nintendo of Japan have once again worked diligently to satisfy our insatiable hunger for Wii U information. Under the eShop section of their official Wii U site, they've provided some fashionable details that we weren't already made aware of. Specifically, we've been given a first-hand look at what the Wii U eShop looks like. Displayed is a single image of the Wii U eShop homepage, albeit an image worth a thousand words.

The Wii U eShop makes it possible for users to download full retail games, demos, high-definition quality video content and other exclusive software you won't find anywhere else. In addition to all of that, you'll be able to view comments from others about what the most popular software is, and even rate titles. Of course, all of this will be able to fit right in between your hands, via the Wii U GamePad.

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Another interesting tidbit of information displayed is the Wii U Mii Studio. There, you'll be able to create a Mii that resembles what you look like by customizing an assortment of physical attributes such as hair styles, noses, body types, eyes and a host of other traits. Basically, this operates very similarly to that of the 3DS Mii Plaza. You'll also be able to take an image of yourself using the Wii U GamePad camera, which will provide you with a rough template of a Mii character to start with.

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Certain improvements have been made for the Wii U Mii Studio, giving you more flexibility and options when it comes to sharing Miis. Now, you'll be able to save QR (Quick Response) codes for your Mii character while it strikes a series of Madonna-esque poses or emotional facial expressions. How's that for options and flexibility? A maximum of 3,000 Mii characters can be stored in your Wii U Mii Studio as well.

Wii U eShop | Official Site (Nintendo of Japan)
Wii U Mii Studio | Official Site (Nintendo of Japan)

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Comments: 6

This is cool for sure. I just wish there were more options for Mii's. For example: Why d you have to choose between freckles and rosey cheeks? Some people have both. Stuff like that drives me insane. I think Mii's can be so adorable but there is a lot of untapped potential there.
More funky hair colors would've been a nice add too ;)  Just sayin'!
Wii U!!! To die for X_X
I'm kinda saddened that they did not upgrade the looks of the Mii's.  I understand the need for the simplistic design for the Wii and being in SD. I was kinda thinking more like what the 360 did. They are detailed enough that it's less likely to see your clone while playing games.  And there are accessories you can buy for your avatars.

Now I don't necessarily approve of buying accessories for Mii's on the Wii U. But it does make your Mii more unique.  Or Developers could bundle accessories  for your Mii for buying their game.
If the eShop looks like that image, I'm down. As long as its easy to use, has video clips of games, AND incorporates the Wii's Nintendo Channel right into the eShop instead of being separate.

As far as the look for the Mii's, I am happy they kept them the same. More options would be nice though, like hats.
I'm happy that they didn't evolve the Mii creation process into something more intricate. The addition of simple facial expressions is a great added feature; the perfect amount in my opinion. Simplistic options are the best route to go for Nintendo Miis. We'll also be able to include facial expressions when collaborating with other gamers via Miiverse.

I can't tell you how long I spent setting avatar for my Xbox 360. For me, I didn't expect to spend 30 minutes sifting through all the available options. While many of us would be able to figure out how to create a Mii will a huge variety of features, other family members could very easily get turned off, even intimidated. Remember, setting up a user profile is required by each person who wishes to have one on the Wii U.