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Wii U GamePad Battery Replacement Is Easy

By Kevin on Nov 12 2012 08:48 PM
The Wii U GamePad comes with a rechargeable battery (Model No. WUP-012) already installed and ready to go. After approximately 500 charge/ re-charge cycles, the battery's ability to hold its original charge can be reduced to around 70%.

For consumers, that means less time behind the Wii U GamePad and more time on the charging cradle. Fortunately, Nintendo have outlined a simple six-step process for replacing the Wii U GamePad battery in the instruction manual. The approximate battery life for the Wii U GamePad battery is 3.5 hours for a single, full charge.

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  • Press and hold the power button for at least one second to turn off the power.
  • Loosen the battery cover screws. The battery cover is designed so the screws can be loosened, but not fully removed.
  • Remove the battery cover. Lift the edge of the battery cover slightly and remove it as shown below.
  • Unplug the connector first, and then remove the battery, as shown below. When disconnecting the battery cable, pull by the plug, not the cable. Please recycle the used battery (p. 45).
  • Wait at least 10 seconds before inserting the new battery. Make sure the battery is oriented correctly, as shown below. Waiting 10 seconds will allow the power LED to reset correctly.
  • Replace the battery cover. After replacing the battery cover, tighten the two screws, being careful not to overtighten them. IMPORTANT: Always be sure to replace the battery cover and tighten the screws before resuming use.
Image Source: Wii U Instruction Manual, Polygon.com

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Comments: 3

3.5 hours is pretty decent.
I'll probably be replacing my battery and charging the gamepad many times since i'll be using it a lot. *.*
Well that is good that it can be replaced easily. That will help.
Read something interesting earlier, i guess the gamepad has a "sleep" function that can extend the battery life even more. For example, when i play blops2, and have a headset on (which is connected into the gamepad) it can be put into sleep mode if i decide not to use it and use the pro controller, which will most likely be the case most of the time for me. I cant remember where i read this, but the point is that it can be extended.