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Wii U GamePad Recommended Distance

By Kevin on Sep 15 2012 10:51 PM
A few of the folks over at 1up.com had the opportunity to interview Nintendo's Bill Trinen after the Wii U Preview, which was held last Thursday. While the name might not ring a bell to everyone, you've definitely seen Bill on stage at one point or another. Bill not only happens to be Shigeru Miyamoto's long-time translator, but he's also Nintendo's Product Marketing Manager. Here's what Bill had to say when asked, "Is there a limit on the distance that you can take the GamePad away from the system?"


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There is. And it's... Of course, when we're generally giving limits on things like that, and I think the same thing can be said for the Nintendo 3DS battery life... We tend to be more conservative, because we're looking at it from a performance perspective.

What, really, is the range where you're going to get the best performance out of that? And you're going to get the best performance within a range of about... They had a very precise number at one point. In meters it's like eight meters. In feet it's about 24 feet. That's for best performance.

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Keep in mind that this response is conservative, and rightly so. The Wii U GamePad distance doesn't have a specific communication range that it uses to communicate with the Wii U, but we now have a very good idea. Besides, twenty feet is pretty darn great if you're comparing that to the recommended distance that the Wii Remotes can communicate with the Wii.

Source: 1up.com

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Oh wow that is awesome. I am impressed with the range.
This thing looks so cool.  It will be almost impossible to not impulse buy this the first chance I get.
I'm impressed.