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Wii U Menu Music Revealed

By Kevin on Nov 11 2012 04:45 PM
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For anyone wishing to hear what the Wii U menu music sounds like prior to its official release, you're in luck. YouTube user ZeldaPowerVideos has uploaded eleven different tracks, showcasing many of the Wii U's marvelous menu melodies. In addition to hearing them on YouTube, you can also download them from the website listed on the person's YouTube channel. Here is the complete list of Wii U menu tracks.
  • Boot Up
  • New Account
  • Account Select
  • Loading
  • Home
  • Mii Maker (Part 1)
  • Mii Maker (Part 2)
  • Settings
  • Activity Log
  • Parental Controls
  • Notifications
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YouTube user ZeldaPowerVideos

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Thanks for the post. Nintendo has always done a great job with music and sounds on their systems.
Wow I really like the sounds. I agree with DarthArk that Nintendo does a great job with sounds. These are pleasant and fun.
As much as I want to listen to all of those, I'm not going to. My upcoming white glove ceremony will be concluded with all these epic melodies. The only unboxing I actually watched was Iwata-san's, which was the best unboxing ceremony ever. Aside from that, I've stayed away from all the other spoilers.
Word for word on my end, Kevin. Unfortunately, I still have half a month before I get my Wii U. But the three day long demo I had of the Wii U back in early October at the EB Games Expo should keep me calm for the next three weeks.

But yea, I'm leaving the music for when I get into the console myself.