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Wii U System Update Version 2.1.3 U Now Available

By Kevin on Mar 04 2013 07:52 PM
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You too can have the new 2.1.3 U, 2.1.3 E, and 2.1.3 J Wii U system update!

As of today, March 4th, 2013, the newest Wii U system update, Version 2.1.3, is available for download via the system update option in the Wii U menu. The update is available for all major regions; North America (2.1.3 U), Europe (2.1.3 E), and Japan (2.1.3 J). According to Nintendo's official Wii U support page, "Further improvements to overall system stability have been made." We've seen similar information listed before, as detailed for the previous Wii U system update Version 2.1.0 U that released three months ago on December 4th.

Another update is scheduled for next month that will add more features and further enhance the user experience. Let's hope the April update will fix slow loading times for the Wii U Operating System (OS). We'll post more details as we receive the information. If you've already installed the update, have you noticed anything different?

Source: System Update Support | Wii U

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System software speed increase?  YES PLEASE!!
I'll take it!
I'm suspecting that this update fixed minor bugs. Basically, it's a maintenance release. The download and installation were both quite quick. I'm just excited about next month's update!
Can't wait for the major update!
Can't wait for the custom Miiverse communities :)
Well I really hope this helps my system stop freezing. It is becoming a pretty big concern of mine. The only way to turn off the system once it freezes is to pull the power cord. I checked online and this is a bit common. Not good Nintendo. I can't wait to update tonight.
I have noticed a lot of people complaining of system freeze, but I am not having any issues like that. That is weird. My main concern is speed, which I hope will start to be addressed in the April update.

I have noticed a difference in performance in Miiverse and eShop, which is good.
I updated the system last night and have yet to notice any real differences. Oh well. I was not expecting too much out of this update anyway.
I haven't noticed any difference over the past 4 days or so. And, fortunately, I haven't had a single system freeze since using my new external hard drive.