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Wii U Will Support Up To 32GB SD Cards

By Kevin on Nov 06 2012 04:26 PM
Some interesting information has been revealed about the Wii U's hardware, and its support for SD (Secure Digital) cards. Most of us have been relying on Nintendo of America's official Wii U Site for all the latest and greatest information and technical specifications for the Wii U. Sadly, there's some information, like SD card support, that's just not covered there. Currently, Nintendo of America doesn't even make mention of any SD card support in their technical specifications portion of the site.
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SD card support, as shown on Nintendo of Japan's Wii U site.

Upon investigating Nintendo of Japan's official Wii U Site, information pertaining to SD card support was found. Surprisingly, SD card support is identical to that of the 3DS; support of SD or SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards ranging from 2GB to 32GB in storage capacity. Of course, the Wii U also supports external USB (Universal Serial Bus) hard drives for those who want additional, substantial storage.

So, what does everyone think about the current SD card support? Will it be sufficient for those who don't want to purchase an external hard drive. Or, will Nintendo eventually update the Wii U OS (Operating System) so support SD cards larger than 32GB?

Official Wii U Site (Nintendo of Japan)
Official Wii U Site (Nintendo of America)

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If Nintendo doesn't update their firmware to support larger SD cards, this could be an issue for the consumers that doesn't want to purchase an external hard drive.

I'm planning on purchasing an external hard drive as soon as I run out of internal storage, so I'm completely fine with the 32 GB limit.
I don't think 32GB is gonna do much but I personally have no problem with that since I have an external hard drive.
32GB SD card is fine with me. If I need to go larger then I will just purchase an external harddrive.
Yea, I'm echoing everyone else and saying that 32 GB is fine for now.
Yes 32GB is fine. If I need more space than I would just purchase an external hard drive.
Initially, my though was to get the biggest, baddest external hard drive. But, I'm sitting here looking at my collection of games on the bookshelf and, well, I love seeing that. The 32GB of internal flash RAM, coupled with a 32GB SD card will also be plenty enough for me. I have no problemo purchasing retail copies of software.
My thoughts exactly.