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ZombiU Brains Beanie PAX Exclusive

By Kevin on Sep 02 2012 04:58 AM
Check this out! It's a ZombiU beanie and it has BRAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSS! Earlier today, Ubisoft Tweeted about its ZombiU beanie being modeled by Twitter and Frag Doll member PixxelFD. Unfortunately, these ZombiU brain beanies are exclusive only to those who pre-order Ubisoft's ZombiU through Amazon, at the PAX 2012 event. Hopefully something like this will become available for the ones who weren't able to attend this year's PAX event. The upcoming Wii U title ZombiU will be released as a launch title alongside the Wii U debut.

That's what I call brains with style! Don't you dare splatter these brains!

(click on image for full view)
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(click on image for full view)
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Very cool, I actually have a hat that looks like real brains, lol :). I should see if i can upload a pic. Anyway, Very awesome hat.
I would rock that beanie! Haha.