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#58300 Birthday thread

Posted Classicgamer on 29 May 2017 - 08:27 AM

It's my bday

#58239 Birthday thread

Posted Classicgamer on 12 February 2017 - 12:33 AM

It's our leader's birthday.

Happy Bday Kevin

#58224 Brace for Impact: We're Going Down Soon

Posted Classicgamer on 25 January 2017 - 04:35 PM

If we keep reviews, I could write more. If we want to do screenshots again, I can get some those too.

How far we've come


#58290 Brace for Impact: We're Going Down Soon

Posted Aintelligent on 02 May 2017 - 12:22 PM

Is it apart of the process for the site to appear backed up?

I remember posting her a few days ago. Everything posted that day seems to have disappeared; and my old notifications were notified as new.

#58133 2017 gaming goals

Posted Classicgamer on 04 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

I'd like to beat some games that I never beat before. Mostly Final Fantasy VII

#58154 Nintendo Switch Presentation Event

Posted Chris on 12 January 2017 - 11:48 PM

This is basically a rundown of notes as I'm watching the presentation, that's why the format is weird.

Release: March 3, 2017
Price: $300

No region lock

2.5-6 hour battery life

Up to 8 can be connected together

Joycons can read amiibos, have a capture button, have gyro sensors; otherwise pretty standard

Red and blue color variations of joycons

The joycons apparently have a camera

1-2 Switch, seems to be some sort of minigame thing

Arms, stretchy armed boxing game

Getting serious Wii vibes here

Splatoon 2 coming this summer

Mario in a city? Whaa

Mario can throw his hat and jump on it

Super Mario Odyssey coming Holiday 2017; looks really cool(like SM64)

Xenoblade 2? But there's already 2 Xenoblade games....

Fire Emblem Warriors sounds cool

Dragon Quest X and XI coming to Switch, Heroes 1 & 2 also

Another Shin Megami Tensei game


Skyrim confirmed

Suda 51's translator's slow as shit

Why are they wasting time showcasing FIFA?

Zelda will be a launch title

Ehh, the presentation wasn't that impressive, gets a solid meh from me.

#57915 The forum is pretty much dead...

Posted Vovka on 16 October 2016 - 05:17 PM

The forum, as the title says, is pretty much dead, so I was thinking of either getting it going again in some way (which I highly doubt we can) or salvaging what we can for our own Nintendo needs, and talking via social media like Twitter or Instagram, and saying our final good-byes to Nintendo Nerds. Personally, I don't feel like there's more than a few drops of life left in it, and generally hanging around in an abandoned building on the Internet isn't much fun. Only about four or five people have been active in the past few months, and they don't seem set to come back into the active zone. When I joined, I reckon 50 or so members would have been joining if I went inactive for a few weeks, but now just 19 have signed up in that same time period, only 7 of those have validated their e-mails, a mere 3 have set a profile image, and not one of them has posted. I'm starting to think that it's safe to say that Nintendo Nerds is now done for and falling right to the back of the Internet crowd. Personally, I'm thinking that from November 1st, I'm going to start salvaging what I can from the website, and unless there's a sudden change in activity level, I think I will be saying my good-byes to the website I have been a part of for nearly four years on December 31st. I'll try to talk to Chris and/or Kevin about this decision, and hopefully we can get Nintendo a Nerds to be an active, bustling town once again!

#56372 Super Mario Maker

Posted Chris on 14 September 2015 - 04:58 PM

Anybody else pick this up yet? So far, it's been pretty fun.

I took a stab at making a level, if you guys would like to try it out:

Course ID: 7145-0000-0034-770F

I decided to make another course, this time of the airship type.

Magikoopas on an Airship Course ID: 2C1B 0000 0044 7E31

#56105 Puns

Posted Aintelligent on 19 July 2015 - 04:26 PM

I'm emotionally constipated. I haven't given a s*** in days.

#55262 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Posted Chris on 18 June 2015 - 11:45 AM

Metroid Prime: Federation Force was partially revealed at the 2015 Nintendo World Championships as Blast Ball. During the Digital Event, it was revealed to be a minigame in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The game proper is a straight-up shooter with up to four player co-op. Metroid's main character, Samus Aran, will not be playable, as the game is focusing on the Federation Force and their fight against the Space Pirates. So far, reaction to the game has been overwhelmingly negative, with the official video on YouTube having almost ten times as many dislikes as likes. Frustrated gamers who have been waiting patiently for the next mainline Metroid game(Other M was released in 2010) have resorted to making a petition to ask Nintendo to cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The petition already has 12,000 supporters, with 15,000 being the goal for submission. I think it would still be worth playing, and these guys are getting way too butthurt about this. Those who call Metroid Prime: Federation Force "disrespectful" are coming off as entitled children.


#55280 Cool Your Jets, Metroid Fans!

Posted Classicgamer on 19 June 2015 - 07:07 PM

View PostKevin McMinn, on 18 June 2015 - 08:29 PM, said:

Good article, Chris. I can't get over how incredibly childish Nintendo "fans" are acting over this. I'm wondering how many of them are just Nintendo haters or trolls. Either way, it's pretty sad and you brought up interesting and valid points. Good read.

Great article Chris, and our fearless leader made an appearance to show his kudos too. Metroid was a great series and needed a new game. Super Metroid was so great that the later game would suck no matter how good it was

#55264 Cool Your Jets, Metroid Fans!

Posted Chris on 18 June 2015 - 02:16 PM

Posted Image

It's been quite some time since the last Metroid game. Five years, in fact(Eight, if you're one of the people that hated Other M). So when Nintendo announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force during the Digital Event, instead of being giddy with joy, Metroid fans were instead enraged at what one fan termed as "disrespectful" and an "atrocity". It makes sense for the Metroid fandom to be upset, as the game neither features series staple Samus Aran, nor does it have the classic Metroid gameplay. Instead, what we get is a first-person, team-based shooter with no actual exploration, with a bizarre sports minigame(Blast Ball) thrown in. However, this is a spinoff game, much like Metroid Prime: Hunters was. Furthermore, although Retro Studios, the team behind the Metroid Prime series, is not developing Federation Force, the game is in more than capable hands with Next Level Games, who made Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Punch-Out!!, and various Mario sports titles. Metroid Prime: Federation Force should end up being a decent and fun game, at the very least.

Posted Image
I can understand the disappointment of the fanbase, but the complete vitriol being directed at Federation Force is uncalled for. For example, there's a petition requesting that Nintendo cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force. To me, that is completely insane. First off, by making a petition like that, you are not only making yourselves seem like entitled children, you're also making all of us look bad. Asking that Nintendo cancel Federation Force because it's not the Metroid game you wanted is akin to throwing a hissyfit because you received a candy bar instead of ice cream. I don't feel entitled to a new F-Zero game simply because I support Nintendo, and I've been waiting for 12 years on that one. Either they make one, or they don't, and to feel insulted that the game you wanted wasn't made is a little silly. Secondly, there's a lot of people working very hard on this game, and they don't deserve to have their game ripped to shreds before it's even released. Let's say the petition is successful and Federation Force is canceled. How likely is Nintendo going to make new Metroid games in the future, if they have to worry about a salty fanbase making demands of them? Finally, the petition claims that no one wants Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Sure, it may not be very popular right now, with ten times more dislikes than likes on the official trailer on YouTube, but most of that is due to the kneejerk reaction to its announcement. I expect that number to eventually even out a little bit once the initial shock has passed.

Posted Image
Basically, those of you who hate Metroid Prime: Federation Force are going about this the wrong way. Nintendo's not going to listen to you say "I don't like this game, so nobody else should get to play it either". If you are that opposed to the idea of Federation Force, then don't buy it. Vote with your wallet. I, for one, would like the chance to try the game and judge it for myself. Personally, if I were in your shoes, I would instead send a petition merely asking for a new Metroid game(or F-Zero, for that matter) of your desire, rather than trying to get rid of one you don't want to play. Metroid Prime: Federation Force deserves to exist, whether you like it or not.

Click here to view the article

#54816 Nintendo Nerds Quick-Start Guide For New Members

Posted Vovka on 05 April 2015 - 04:57 AM

Gaaaaaah. You beat me to it! I was going to ask if I could make this. I was like Desk flip guy.png

View PostKevin McMinn, on 05 April 2015 - 02:17 AM, said:

Great topic, Chris! :thumbsup:

Also, I just about feel out of my chair when I saw that picture.
Also, Kevin... I don't understand how you could ''feel'' out of your chair. That's harder than 1+1.

#54800 Nintendo Nerds Quick-Start Guide For New Members

Posted Chris on 04 April 2015 - 06:05 PM

Hi, I'm Chris, Nintendo Nerds' Community Manager. I run the place, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. The purpose of this thread is to help new members get their feet wet here at Nintendo Nerds.

First things first, if you have not read the Nintendo Nerds Rules and Guidelines, please do so.

Quick References:
Friend Codes In the Forum
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Wii U NNID Exchange
Online Matchmaking Thread(for playing online)
Review Guidelines
Official Nintendo Nerds YouTube Page
Pokemon Trading Central

Threads a new member may be interested in:
What 3DS games do you have?
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What Game Boy Games do you own?
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Post A Motivational Poster

Don't be afraid to dig a little bit for topics. There are tons of great topics that haven't been updated in some time. Feel free to post in an inactive thread if you actually have something to add.

Above all, have fun!

#54809 Nintendo Nerds Quick-Start Guide For New Members

Posted Chris on 04 April 2015 - 10:16 PM

Posted Image