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Sorry I haven't been on in a bit! I'll be attending PAX East, so it'll be a few more days till I return. Life is good! Take care of yourselves! Updated 06 Mar · 4 comments
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About Me

Oh, I have an About Me page! Neato.

Y'know what I wish? I wish we could "rate" ourselves on here. I'd give myself 5 stars, I would! Why not, y'know?

Do you think Nintendo is reading this? Should I be more humble?

Okay. I'd give myself 5 stars, but I would do it anonymously so that I wouldn't know who gave me such a good rating. And that would keep me wondering, "Oh! Who gave me that great rating?" I would try to be better here knowing that someone was watching while their cursor was hovering over my star-rating. 'Cause no one wants a lower rating. Can you imagine?

Maybe I would ask that people give me like 4 stars, y'know? 'Cause everyone I see has 5 stars and it would be really great to be different. People would see the 4 stars and be like, "Oh, wow. What did he do to miss that last star?" Or they might think to themselves, "Wow, 4-star rating! He's more approachable than a 5-star rated member. Yes he is. Hmm...I'm hungry. I should eat something before it's another mealtime. I don't want to spoil my appetite. I'll just have a snack. Something light enough to satisfy my hunger, but not so filling that I skip a meal. Yeah, that sounds best." People like that are probably reading this right now.


Wow, now I'm hungry.

I wish I could write something like, "When I created Nintendo Nerds, I never imagined what a success it would be! It's because of all of you!" But I didn't create this site, y'know? So I can't write that.

I mean, I could! But it would be dishonest. Honesty is one of my values, I guess. I mean if it's not, then I've just lied.

Lying isn't worth it, that's how I feel. It's too much work. You can be cryptic, but out-right lying is different. I always feel guilty about it too. "No, that article of clothing doesn't make you look fat!" And inside I'm thinking, "It does. It totally does. Maybe I should be honest about that. Maybe this is the Universe trying to use me to get through to them. They might have a problem. I could save their life, potentially! I could be like, 'Yeah, it makes you look fat,' and then they could have this revelation and become a fitness-conscious person. They might inspire other people! Their doctor would tell them, 'I always said you were headed for a swift and certain death,  didn't I? But now you're so healthy, I don't know!' And they could change the world like that. But that would be after they burst into tears at my admission and never spoke to me again." So I guess what I'm trying to say is lie. Get used to lying. 'Cause if it makes someone smile, then even if they do die, they're dying happy. The alternative is them being unhappy and upset and then changing their life to potentially inspire the whole of humanity and y'know what? That's a lot of work! That is. Save them the trouble.

It would be crazy if Nintendo really was reading this. Like, if their employees infiltrate fan sites. It would probably make more sense to be watching fan sites that aren't Nintendo-based. They could say things like, "Well, sure, but Nintendo is great too!" Whereas here, they're preaching to the choir.

Anyway, the moral of all of this, the message I want you to glean is that there's a person behind this profile. A real person. So be kind.

And if you're thinking, seriously thinking, about giving me a star-rating, give me 4 stars. Please. Even though someone is going to see 4 stars and think all rationally like, "Oh, they must have gotten one bad rating and now their average isn't perfect. So they're not perfect. Not perfect like I am. I'll find someone with a perfect 5-star rating to swap Friend Codes with, then. I deserve the best."

The end.

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