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Last two letters

25 April 2017 - 07:43 PM

I'll post a word, the next poster posts a word that starts with the same letters as the above word ended with.

E.G Idea, Each, Church, Champion,  

If no one can think of a word (like if I said Chimp instead) we would start over.

The word starts with


Birthday thread

12 February 2017 - 12:33 AM

It's our leader's birthday.

Happy Bday Kevin

Let's plays

30 January 2017 - 06:25 PM

I'm thinking of doing some Let's plays. These videos differ from the playthroughs that I already have uploaded, these will have some live commentary from yours truly while I play.

The first game I'm thinking of is Super Mario 2

Gaming Contests

23 January 2017 - 02:38 PM

Starting this year, I really want to start back some good old fashioned gaming contests. Here's the thread for some games you would like to play.

2017 gaming goals

04 January 2017 - 03:48 PM

I'd like to beat some games that I never beat before. Mostly Final Fantasy VII