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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: June 07, 2011
Genre: Action, Adventure
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description

Help Link unravel the mystery of Koholint Island in this Game Boyâ„¢ Color masterpiece!

A high-seas voyage takes a dangerous turn when Link's ship is destroyed by a furious storm, and he washes ashore on the mysterious island of Koholint. Link learns that the only hope he has of returning home depends on awakening the mythical Wind Fish, who slumbers within a giant egg atop the island's highest peak. But who is the Wind Fish? How do you wake it? And what will happen when it awakes?

Lead Link on an incredible adventure as you explore uncharted lands, meet amazing new friends and foes, and unravel the mystery of the Wind Fish. The first handheld-system release in this beloved franchise, presented as it appeared in the 1998 Game Boy Color re-release, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is a must-play for fans of this beloved series.

Gameplay Video or Trailer

There is currently no gameplay video for this game.