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North America Details

Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: March 19, 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure
Players: Single Player, Up to 4 players
ESRB: Teen

Game Description

Discover the world of Monster Hunter

Battle larger-than-life monsters

Create tons of weapons and armor

Discover the epic world of Monster Hunter as you journey through more than 200 exhilarating quests, battle larger-than-life monsters and create hundreds of weapons and armor.

Don't hunt alone! Hunt with your two AI companions in single player quests or team up with up to 3 players via local connection. A fully customizable touch screen allows you to personalize your hunting experience and local Nintendo 3DS search feature allows you to find other hunters near you location. Nintendo StreetPassâ„¢ functionality gives you the ability to share you guild card with fellow hunters.

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