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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Role-Playing
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description

Twice the bros! Twice the screens! Twice the adventure!

  • Over 20 hours of game play across challenging lands
  • Use the top and bottom screens to solve puzzles and travel through each level
  • Awesome combo moves! Baby Mario and Baby Luigi maximize damage against enemies
  • Bros. Items like the green shell, fire flower, cannonball, red shell, and more bring on the hurt with explosive combat. Keep your fingers nimble!
  • Strike away with Baby Mario's hammer and drill underground with Baby Luigi to break through secret passages and hard-to-reach chambers
  • Befriend Stuffwell the suitcase and use him to pack your Bros. Items, equipment, and the precious Crystal Star shards
  • Talk to the Mushroom Kingdom's residents to learn clues
  • Level up and improve your stats after defeating enemies

Back from their first turn in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the bros. are jumping into a time-traveling, role-playing adventure with a lot of help from their younger selves.

Professor E. Gadd has just completed his time machine! So excited was Princess Peach about the new invention, that she decided to go on a joy ride with a few of her courtiers. But when the time machine returns, no Princess, just an ugly Junior Shrooboid with a taste for Italian plumbers. That's where Mario and Luigi come in. Bidden by Toadsworth, Peach's father, to find his daughter, the bros. travel to the Mushroom Kingdom of yesteryear by jumping through mysterious time holes which suddenly appear.
When Mario and Luigi find themselves in the past, they discover their home been invaded by the creepy Shroobs, an evil alien race jealous of the Mushroom Kingdom's riches. It's up to the bros, child and adult, to save the Mushroom Kingdom, rescue Peach, and return the Crystal Star shards to Prof. E. Gadd.

Bottom Line
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time brings exciting, non-stop role-playing action, with the platforming gameplay made famous by Super Mario Bros. Indeed, the game has a new challenge around every corner. A must-have for your Nintendo DS collection.

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