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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Action
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone 10+

Game Description

The ever-greedy Wario stars in a one-of-a-kind adventure that makes ingenious use of the DS Touch Screen!

With the helpful advice of a mustachioed magic wand named Goodstyle, you'll soon learn how to use your DS stylus to draw specific designs on Wario to give him new costumes. Each costume -- there are eight in all -- gives him a unique ability:

Thief Wario, the first disguise you master, can jump high and charge through enemies.
Cosmic Wario packs a laser gun and the ability to make low-gravity jumps.
Arty Wario Put on your debonair beret to draw blocks that help you activate switches and access platforms. You can also draw warp doors that will whisk you back to your last save point.
Captain Wario rows across trackless seas. The upgrade permits the old salt to dive in a submarine and shoot torpedoes.
Dragon Wario Colored blocks disintegrate before the fearsome fire breaths and toxic belches that Wario can emit whenever he dons his saurian-skin suit.
Genius Wario Put on those super-duper high-tech goggles to see doors and blocks that are otherwise invisible.
Sparky Wario This electrifying personality can light up shadow-shrouded areas and shock nearby troublemakers.
Wicked Wario Float up, up and away by blowing into the DS mic. WW plummets when you stop blowing, so work on your deep-breathing skills. It's good practice should you ever take up opera singing, meditation or being a blowhard politician.

Use these unusual abilities to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and defeat bosses. Wario plans 10 heists, each presented as a TV episode, en route to the ultimate object d'larceny: an artifact that grants wishes! The rogue's road leads through a cruise ship, pyramid and seven more way-out destinations.

En route, you'll have to play variations of eight touch-controlled minigames. Tons of unusual collectibles (and if Wario is about anything, it's collecting) guarantee plenty of replay value!

The world's most low-down and ornery garlic-lover never lets a get-rich-quick scheme pass him by. Wario: Master of Disguise opens with our money-mad hero taking a break from being a shady software impresario to watch a TV show about a master thief. Working himself up into a lather of jealousy, Wario leaps through the screen and embarks on his own glamorous globe-trotting career as a thief!

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