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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Role-Playing
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Everyone 10+

Game Description

An Ancient War Rekindled

A thousand years after the War of the Magi, the Gestahlian Empire has succeeded in reviving the lost power of magic through its clandestine Magitek research program. Now, as the Empire threatens to enslave the world with its newfound might, it is up to a band of rebels known as the Returners to find a way to strike back before the flames of war consume the world once more.
  • Command Terra's magic, Edgar's tools, Sabin's fists, and the unique skills of over a dozen other heroes as you battle against the madman Kafka and the forces of the Gestahlian Empire!
  • Summon a variety of powerful espers to aid you in battle, enlisting several new additions to the roster to help you tackle challenges like the all-new Dragons' Den!
  • Prepare for continuous battle in the new Soul Shrine by studying your foes in the Bestiary, or enjoy your favorite songs with the music player.

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