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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Platform
Players: Single Player, Up to 4 players
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description

One For All And All Four Kirby!

The Mirror World has been invaded by an evil shadow, and Kirby's got to save the day! Fortunately, he won't have to do it alone! He's been split into four Kirbys of different colors, and with his trusty cell phone, he can call up his colorful clones to lend a hand!

Call in Red, Yellow, and Green Kirby to help you solve puzzles, fight enemies, or take out the big baddies! Play solo, or link up with your friends and adventure together!
Try out all-new Copy Abilities, from the arrow-shooting Cupid Kirby to the melee-master Smash Kirby, as well as all your favorites!
Play lightning-fast sub-games like Crackity Hack and Kirby's Wave Ride single player, or grab up to three friends for some frenzied fun! Some multiplayer games require one Game Pak per player.

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