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North America Details

Publisher: Square
Release Date:
Genre: Role-Playing
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Not Rated

Game Description

The Legend Lives On

Long ago, the ancient gods possessed a powerful force called The Magi. But they later split it into 77 different pieces and scattered them throughout nine different worlds.

You've been given one of those pieces. And now, along with your band of chosen warriors, you journey through each world searching for the rest of the pieces and your long-lost father.

You face danger at every turn. But if you make the right decisions, you can conquer each world and recover all the pieces of The Magi. Get ready for a daunting adventure, filled with unexpected surprises and perils.

You'll put together your own fighting force of four fearless warriors and choose the weapons you'll carry on your journey.
You'll do battle with hundreds of diabolical monsters and villains in your noble quest for The Magi.

Your adventure takes you from one exciting terrain to the next as you battle through nine unknown worlds.

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