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North America Details

Publisher: Electro Brain
Release Date:
Genre: Action, Survival Horror
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Not Rated

Game Description

Suddenly surviving high school has taken on a whole new meaning...

Ah high school! Remember all the football games, the homecoming dance and all the high school spirit...ah, yeah, literally in the case of Cool School High.

One day Spike O'Hara, a senior from the academic institution of Cool School High found a glowing skull in the local cemetery, a finding that would prove to be a disaster. Spike brought the skull to his teacher and it is from here that our ghostly tale unfolds...The skull ended up being a beacon, a homing device for all the spirits and monsters from the realm of the dead.

Vin the unearthly Doom Cloud, the creatures led by the hideous King Comea the Ghoul Master have landed upon "Ghoul School" and set up their base of haunt operations there. These nasties have rounded up and transformed all of the teachers faculty. Hey, they've even turned the biggest witch of a teacher into the most terrifying sight that could ever befall a student's eyes. What's that you ask? Let's just say the bell is tolling for you today. This is one group of school enthusiasts that would love to see you fail.

These deadheads have not only taken over the school, but they've sacked the football team and the local ghoulie extermination team as well. To boot they've stolen all of the exterminators' weapons and they are holding them for an assault on who ever enters the school. Sure you think it's going to be a cakewalk now, but have you ever been face to face with a Deweytron? Surely there must have been a reason for so many to enter a haunted school...

Oh yeah, there's one more little problem, these ghouls from a land downunder have sort of captured your dream girl Samantha Pompom, the beautiful head cheerleader of the school. She's being held somewhere in the school and you've got to find her. (Everyone before you has failed -- but don't let that discourage you.)

Explore over 200 different rooms, take on the worst the demons can give and find an arsenal of mysterious weapons and items. As Spike, it's your duty to right the injustice you've caused. Both the school and Sam are counting on you, you're the last hope for survival. Once you enter you can't leave until you finish the job. Suddenly surviving high school has taken on a whole new meaning!

Gameplay Video or Trailer

There is currently no gameplay video for this game.