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North America Details

Publisher: Broderbund
Release Date:
Genre: Action, Platform, Puzzle
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description

You're a highly trained Galactic Commando, deep in enemy territory. You mission: to recover a fortune in gold, stolen from the Bungeling people by their power-hungry leaders.

You'll be running, jumping, and climbing heroically, solving perplexing puzzles. With your laser pistol, you'll drill passageways through stone floors and barriers. To get through this mission alive, you'll need more than fleet feet and good looks. You'll need your quick wits and brains.

And more than just a little luck.
  • 50 different puzzles and scenes
  • Game Generator for designing your own puzzles
  • One of the most popular computer games of all time

Gameplay Video or Trailer

There is currently no gameplay video for this game.