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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Driving/Racing
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description


My car and my honor are on the line. Banzai!

Real men don't use brakes!

I Dedicate my great up-coming victory to myself!

Life is too good for this puny human species!

Hey, all you F-Zero freaks! Get ready for the ultimate, mind numbing race!

Let's meet these crazed rocketcar jockeys up close and heavily armed!

Samuri Gorah never takes practice laps because he already owns every record on the scoreboard!

Dr. Stewart gets a bang out of exploding mines and other fun obstacles!

Pico loves the bumper bashing competition, fifteen courses and three skill levels!

Blazing speed and pulling high G's through hairpin turns keeps Captain Falcon on his toes!

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