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North America Details

Publisher: The Software Toolworks
Release Date:
Genre: Adventure, Platform
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Not Rated

Game Description


Don't look now, but Bowser's back, and this time he's in your world! But where is that mastermind of reptilian trouble doing his dastardly deeds? And what has he done with Mario??

Welcome to Mario is Missing! Take a trek with your travel agent, Luigi, and see the world! Track down troublesome turtles. Figure out where in the world you are, and what on earth happened to Mario. If your grasp of geography is good enough, you'll get the goods, stomp the hoods, and grab Mario out of Bowser's ghastly guest house. A learning adventure that the whole family can share.

This is no Koopa stomping mayhem. It's a fun way to learn about our world. In the game, you get to:
  • Explore exotic cities
  • Steer through streets with maps and a compass
  • Get clues from friendly people
  • Read pamphlets for famous landmarks
  • Retrieve fun facts and figures from a computer database
  • Identify continents, countries, and cities to enlist Yoshi's aid
  • Take snapshots of your adventures... and rescue Mario!
To solve the adventure, reading is required.

The adventure beings unexpectedly as Mario steps right into Bowser's trap.

Navigate streets of unfamiliar cities, discover clues and return lost artifacts.

Once the city is set straight, Luigi snaps the perfect pic for his album of famous landmarks.

Use the Globelator to help Yoshi find Luigi so they can compete their mission and rescue Mario!

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