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North America Details

Publisher: Parker Brothers
Release Date:
Genre: Party
Players: Single Player, Up to 8 players
ESRB: Not Rated

Game Description

Now, play the animated, 16-bit "Super" version of the world's bestselling board game...
as you become a real estate tycoon - and drive your rivals into bankruptcy!

Buy Park Place! Sell Marvin Gardens! Build Hotels! Collect rents! Go to Jail! With advanced 16-bit technology, you're in the middle of the wheeling and dealing action on an animated board that makes the classic real estate game come to life! Action-filled vignettes show the scene as you buy, sell, build and collect from your opponents. The system handles all the accounting for fast action and quick deals. Play a random game, or speed things up with a pre-set scenario. Whether you play alone or challenge human or computer players, your goal is to acquire the most wealth - and drive your opponents to financial ruin!
  • Detailed graphics in full color... refined sound, music, and speech pull you onto the board.
  • See the status, with tokens, houses and hotels on properties - so you know what you're running into!
  • Hop aboard the action! "Take a Ride on the Reading," with combined animation and sound.
  • "Go to Jail!" Watch as the police car carts Rich Uncle off to jail - and the doors slam shut!

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