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North America:To be determined

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Publisher: Ackk Studios
Release Date:
Genre: Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
Players: To be determined
ESRB: Rating Pending

Game Description

Two Brothers is an Action/ Adventure/ Role-playing/ Nostalgia game created in the style of Game Boy games for PC, Xbox 360, And OS X. The game is meant to remind people of the Game Boy era of games without strictly adhering to the limitations of the system as this game is developed for modern technology. As for the actual appearance of the game in relation to the plot, the general lack of color is a core element of what the game is about:

The core story of Two Brothers goes something like this: You take on the role of Roy Guarder, a young inventor who begins to obsess with the idea of finding a new color on earth after a near death experience shows him an after life filled with color. Your brother, Bivare, who is also an inventor and explorer, soon takes on your obsession and you begin a quest.

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