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North America:$4.99

North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: April 26, 2013
Genre: Action
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

Game Description

You'll need lightning-fast reactions to win this battle in the sky!

Controlling a character to pop your opponents’ balloons before they pop yours sounds easy, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled by this game’s simple premise or cute exterior, though–underneath these you’ll find a surprisingly game with strategy to spare. After mastering the easy-to-learn controls, you still have to get a grip on the game’s impressively realistic physics. And if that’s not enough, there are still the ever-increasing enemies and environmental hazards like lightning and water. Or try the game’s second mode, Balloon Trip, if you feel like taking a break from the action and just want to see how long you can stay aloft. And, hey, who doesn’t like popping balloons sometimes?

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