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Nintendo Nerds Member Ranking System

Welcome to the Nintendo Nerds Ranking System. Our staff have designed a unique ranking system, exclusively for our members. The members of the Nintendo Nerds community forums are ranked according to their level of participation within our broad range of articles and discussions.

Members are automatically promoted to the next rank upon meeting a minimum number of comments. The more they participate, the higher they become in rank. These ranks are used strictly for bragging rights, as well as a chance to show off their cool-looking rank badge to the other members. Members have been known to receive secret gifts from time to time, as a token of their hard work.

Below, are the ranks, along with a brief description and their respective minimum and maximum posting requirements. You'll also notice that the ranks are divided into four separate tiers.
Tier I - Minor Enemies Tier II - Major Enemies Tier III - Minor Heroes Tier IV - Major Heroes

Tier I - Minor Enemies

  • Slime 0 - 4 posts

    Slimes made their debut in the Dragon Quest/ Dragon Warrior series for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Red Slimes, like the one depicted in the rank image, are the weakest of the weak and pose no significant threat. Make note though, that the Slime family is home to some very powerful and tough members.

  • Goomba 5 - 9 posts

    Goombas are basic enemies from the Super Mario series. Their only method of attack is to attempt to collide with Mario. They are easily defeated, usually by a stomp to the head. It is said that they are traitors, having defected from the Mushroom Kingdom to Bowser's army.

  • Waddle Dee 10 - 19 posts

    Waddle Dees are the most common enemy in the Kirby series. Most the time, their strategy is similar to that of the Goomba's. However, they have been known to wield spears and parasols as well. There are numerous ways to dispose of a Waddle Dee, such as using Kirby's special ability, spitting another enemy at it, or by inhaling it.

  • Octorok 20 - 29 posts

    Octoroks are an octopus-like common enemy found in the Legend of Zelda series. Its usual method of attack is to shoot a rock at Link. In earlier games, Octoroks lived on land, and could be killed with a number of weapons. Later on, Octoroks became aquatic creatures that were usually destroyed by Link deflecting its rock back at it with his shield.

  • Mighta 30 - 49 posts

    Mightas made their debut in the game Chack'n Pop, functioning as a timer of sorts. However, they are more well-known as minor enemies in the Bubble Bobble series. Mightas attack using rocks they roll on the ground.

  • Kremling 50 - 69 posts

    Kremlings are crocodile-like enemies in the Donkey Kong Country series. They come in a number of different types, and can possess a variety of weapons. They are led by King K. Rool, and spend most of their time harassing Donkey Kong and his family.

  • Topi 70 - 89 posts

    Topis are basic enemies in the NES game Ice Climber. They aren't too concerned with attacking Popo and Nana. Their priority is to rebuild the broken ice floors. If one of the climbers touch a Topi, they lose a life.

  • Koopa 90 - 109 posts

    Koopas are foot soldiers of Bowser's army, found in every stretch of the Mushroom Kingdom. They look quite a lot like turtles, although Koopas usually walk upright. Some varieties even have wings. If a Koopa is jumped on, it will retreat into its shell and can then be sent flying into other enemies.

  • Metroid 110 - 129 posts

    The jellyfishesque Metroids appear in the Metroid series. Metroids can latch on to their enemies and drain them to death. Metroids are only susceptible to cold, so Samus must employ her Ice Beam and Missiles to destroy them. Another interesting fact is that the traditional Metroid is only a larva.

  • Shy Guy 130 - 149 posts

    Shy Guys are mischievous enemies in the Super Mario and Yoshi series. Their bodies are completely covered by their robes and masks. What lies beneath has never been shown. Despite their mysterious nature, they aren't powerful and are easily defeated.

  • Eggplant Wizard 150 - 169 posts

    Hailing from Kid Icarus, the Eggplant Wizard is an infuriating enemy. One touch and he turns Pit's head into an eggplant. It has a simple enough movement pattern, and can be defeated with a series of well-planned, coordinated attacks.

  • Starman 170 - 199 posts

    Starmen are common enemies in the game Earthbound. They are aliens in the service of Giygas. There are six types of Starmen in Earthbound, ranging in strength from Starman Junior to Final Starman. They are all capable of using PSI powers.

  • Mewtwo 200 - 229 posts

    Mewtwo is a clone of the prehistoric Pokémon, Mew. It is far and away the most powerful Pokémon of the first generation. Mewtwo, being a Psychic-type Pokémon, employs mental powers rather than physical might.

Tier II - Major Enemies(TOP)

  • Bald Bull 230 - 259 posts

    Bald Bull is a Turkish boxer from the Punch-Out!! series. He has appeared in more games than any other Punch-Out!! boxer. His signature move is the Bull Charge, which is an all-or-nothing attack. Bald Bull usually appears as the champion of a circuit.

  • King K. Rool 260 - 289 posts

    King K. Rool is the leader of the Kremlings. For some reason, he stole the Kongs' bananas in Donkey Kong Country. Ever since, the Kongs and the Kremlings have been at odds. He is a bit insane, as he planned to blow up Donkey Kong Island in DK64. Fortunately, his incompetence keeps him from succeeding in any of his plots.

  • Majora 290 - 319 posts

    Majora is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a mask that holds terrible, apocalyptic powers. In Majora's Mask, it possesses a Skull Kid, which then uses his newfound power to bring the moon crashing down. When Link stopped the moon from falling, it left the Skull Kid, and had a final showdown with Link on the moon. As shown in the final battle, it has the ability to create its own body.

  • Medusa 320 - 349 posts

    Medusa is the villain of Kid Icarus. She was the Goddess of Darkness. She loathed humans and used darkness to kill the crops and petrify the mortals. The Goddess of Light, Palutena, grew furious and transformed Medusa into a monster and banished her into the underworld. Medusa used her minions to capture Palutena, and only Pit could save her.

  • Wolf 350 - 379 posts

    Wolf is the leader of Star Wolf, which is a rival of the Star Fox team. He first appeared in Star Fox 64, having been hired by Andross to defeat Star Fox. However, he is unsuccessful. Wolf is galled by his defeat, and pursues Fox in later games for revenge. He isn't really evil, and has teamed up with Fox on a few occasions. He does have a grudging respect for Fox.

  • Sturm 380 - 409 posts

    Sturm is the villain of the first two Advance Wars games. He is an alien bent on conquering the world. Sturm is a very overpowered CO; all of his units have increased mobility and firepower. He leads the Black Hole forces.

  • King Dedede 410 - 449 posts

    King Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. Dedede, the main recurring villain of the Kirby series, is a fat penguin who wields a hammer. He can also puff himself up, and suck up enemies and spit them out; both of these are akin to Kirby's own abilities. Dedede's main shortcoming is selfishness rather than evil, and he has done some good deeds.

  • Smithy 450 - 489 posts

    Smithy, a bearded, mechanical, and shape-shifting creature from another dimension, is the antagonist of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He invades the Mushroom Kingdom, conquering the Koopa Troop. He seeks the seven star pieces in order to prevent anyone from restoring the power of wishes. His lieutenants all resemble weapons.

  • Andross 490 - 529 posts

    Andross is the main villain of the Star Fox series. He was a scientist for the planet Corneria, but his experiments got darker and more perverse, until he accidentally released a bio-weapon on Corneria. He was banished to Venom, where he soon after declared himself Emperor of the Lylat System. He usually appears as a giant head with two hands.

  • Ridley 530 - 569 posts

    Ridley, the leader of the Space Pirates, is a recurring antagonist in the Metroid series. Despite the fact that he looks like a dragon, he is actually sentient and capable of speech. Ridley wiped out all the inhabitants of Samus's planet, with the exception of Samus herself, who was saved by the Chozo. Since then, Ridley and Samus have met several times, with Samus foiling Ridley's plans at every turn.

  • Meta Knight 570 - 609 posts

    Meta Knight is one of the major characters in the Kirby universe. His intentions aren't always clear, and can act as both an enemy and an ally to Kirby. Although Meta Knight appears to be of the same species as Kirby, his body is always covered by a mask. He does a have a sense of honor, and he will always offer a sword to Kirby before engaging him in battle.

  • Samurai Goroh 610 - 649 posts

    Samurai Goroh is Captain Falcon's main rival in the F-Zero series. He claims to be a bounty hunter, but he is also involved in a great deal of illegal activities. In the F-Zero Grand Prix, he pilots the machine Fire Stingray. Although he is a talented and competent racer, he almost always is defeated by Captain Falcon.

  • Saturos 650 - 689 posts

    Saturos, a Mars adept from the town of Prox, is the primary antagonist of Golden Sun. Together with his partner, Menardi, he seeks to light the four elemental lighthouses. He is not above kidnapping and murder in order to achieve his goals. Even after his defeat by Isaac's party, his legacy looms large in future events.

  • Bowser 690 - 729 posts

    Bowser, King of the Koopas, is Mario's foremost enemy. Bowser is many times bigger than, and much more fearsome, than the rest of his Koopa brethren. He is obsessed with Princess Peach, abducting her in almost every main Mario game. Bowser also attempts to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and add it to his empire. Despite his villainous ways, he does participate in friendly competitions with Mario and his friends. Why he goes kart racing with his mortal enemy is a mystery.

  • Ganon 730 - 799 posts

    Ganon Dragmire, also known as Ganondorf, is the primary villain of The Legend of Zelda. He is the first male born into the Gerudo tribe in hundreds of years. Ganon is a powerful sorcerer, especially when he obtains the Triforce of Power. He seeks to collect the other two pieces of the Triforce in order to become a god.

Tier III - Minor Heroes(TOP)

  • Toad 800 - 849 posts

    Toad is our part-mushroom, part-human character who is often seen assisting our pals Mario and Luigi throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. His first appearance as a playable character was in Super Mario Bros. 2, where he was the quickest and strongest but had the worst jumping skills. He lives with Princess Peach in her castle, as her personal servant and long-time loyal companion.

  • Excitebiker 850 - 899 posts

    Excitebiker is our helmeted hero behind the handle bars of the Excitebike series of video games. Making his first appearance in Excitebike, for the Nintendo Entertainment System, he's been known to possess an arsenal of jaw-dropping stunts. Not much is known about the identity of this acrobatic ace, but we do know that his taste varies widely in the color of his racing attire. He can also run faster than a wild cheetah.

  • Chibi-Robo 900 - 949 posts

    Chibi-Robo, or small robot, is the main character for the Chibi-Robo! series. Standing approximately four inches tall, he's the one that's going to keep your house looking tidy. Equipped with tools such as a Toothbrush, Spoon, Mug, Squirter and Chibi-Radar, he's bound and determined to make his owner happy. Be careful though, if he starts to light up red, his battery life is nearing an end. Quick! Find a wall socket and plug him in before he collapses.

  • Andy 950 - 999 posts

    Andy, a main hero and protagonist from the Advance Wars series, is a seasoned commander on the front lines of the battle field. His ability to heal his units in the midst of fierce front lines engagements makes him a well-known and highly respected leader. He's a young commander, but his tactical expertise doesn't go unnoticed, even by the most experienced of commanders.

  • Popo 1,000 - 1,049 posts

    Popo is one of the kid stars in the game Ice Climber, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. Working in perfect synchronization and harmony with Nana, the other kid star, they both wield mighty hammers and have impeccable mountain scaling abilities. Don't dare attempt to play a game of King of the Mountain with either one of these two kids; it's what they do for a living.

  • Pikachu 1,050 - 1,099 posts

    Pikachu is, unquestionably, the most iconic character in the history of Pokémon. Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon and is one of six Pokémon found in the Mouse Pokémon species. Pikachu has a shocking personality and isn't afraid to let others know in times of need. Pikachu is so popular that Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA), has an entire fleet of Pikachu-themed aircraft.

  • Midna 1,100 - 1,149 posts

    Midna is one of the main characters from Twilight Princess, a classic title in The Legend of Zelda series. She descends from a powerful race of magic wielders known as the Twili. Initially selfish and a tad outlandish, she eventually assists Link on his adventure by offering hints along the way. Her quick-witted personality makes her a companion worth traveling with.

  • Ness 1,150 - 1,199 posts

    Ness is a 13-year-old boy who is gifted with special psychic powers. He's the protagonist of the classic title EarthBound, from the Mother series. His special powers, referred to as PSI, can be used for both offensive and defensive techniques. In addition to his psychic abilities, he's been known to fend off opposition by making good use of baseball bats and yo-yos.

  • Dr. Mario 1,200 - 1,274 posts

    Dr. Mario is an alter-ego of Mario, and is the main character in the Dr. Mario games. His sole purpose in life is to assist in killing off as many nasty viruses as possible. By providing an endless supply of virus-killing multi-colored Megavitimins, the player can strategically maneuver them in to place, in an attempt to defy a seemingly inevitable infectious disaster.

  • Brenner 1,275 - 1,349 posts

    Captain Brenner is the Commanding Officer for the 12th Battalion Brenner's Wolves. He's one of the main characters and protagonists for the Advance Wars video game series. He is looked up to and admired due to his willingness to help out survivor victims from a fierce meteor shower. He's a formidable strategist on the battlefield and deserves no less than the utmost respect.

  • Diddy Kong 1,350 - 1,424 posts

    Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew, side kick and loyal friend. First appearing in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he's been supporting his pal DK throughout the entire Donkey Kong series. He can easily be identified by the red ball cap that he sports, and can be seen blasting foes with his Peanut Popgun. This isn't a chimp any foe would want to tangle with.

  • Roy 1,425 - 1,499 posts

    Roy is the main character and protagonist for the Fire Emblem series. He's a Lord, and true tactician who prefers to avoid conflict, but strives to maintain peace at the same time. An interesting fact about this young man, is that he has more potential wives than any other Fire Emblem character.

  • Little Mac 1,500 - 1,574 posts

    Little Mac is the main character for the Punch-Out!! series. Born and raised in Bronx, NY, this small-fry scrapper packs a mean punch and has the stamina of a hungry cheetah. His legendary trainer, Doc Lewis, has taught him his signature move, the Jumping Star Punch. Don't be fooled by his purple training attire and short shadow. One connection to the jaw, and he'll send you to the canvas, only to have you begging for mercy.

  • Falco 1,575 - 1,649 posts

    Falco Lombardi, an anthropomorphic falcon/ pheasant in the Star Fox series, is the longtime friend and wingman of Fox McCloud. Despite his uncooperative attitude, he's one of most respected pilots in the entire galactic universe. Often criticized for his brash and contentious attitude, he's praised for being far less annoying that other members of the Star Fox crew.

  • Isaac 1,650 - 1,724 posts

    Isaac is the main character in the Golden Sun series. First appearing as a silent party leader in the original Golden Sun, for the Game Boy Advance, he gained a speaking role in his next installment, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Despite his child-like appearance, his warrior skills and leadership qualities are impeccable and are highly respected.

  • R.O.B. 1,725 - 1,799 posts

    R.O.B., or Robot Operating Buddy, is an accessory that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. R.O.B. can quickly translate pulsing flashes of information on the television screen, converting them into physical actions. R.O.B. made its first appearance in the game Gyromite, where players could control it with the control pad to make it raise and lower gyroscopes.

  • Luigi 1,800 - 1,899 posts

    Luigi is Mario's younger, fraternal twin brother. He's slightly taller and more slender than Mario, and is the better-looking brother. Luigi has been the main character in titles such as Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion 2 and most recently with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, for the Nintendo 3DS. No matter hard he tries, he always seems to fall short in the shadows of his bigger brother.

Tier IV - Major Heroes(TOP)

  • Captain Olimar 1,900 - 1,999 posts

    Captain Olimar is a pint-sized alien from Planet Hocotate. He strategically controls large crowds of multi-colored and obedient creatures known as Pikmin. Each colored Pikmin has a unique purpose that assists Captain Olimar on his journey through an unknown planet. Captain Olimar guides his Pikmin around fighting monsters and collecting various objects.

  • Pit 2,000 - 2,099 posts

    Pit, our seemingly ageless angelic hero, is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. The mighty bow that he wields, Palutena's Bow, is capable of firing arrows of light within the blink of the eye. His calm, confident, and collective demeanor allows him to fight monsters many times larger than him with no reservation whatsoever. His least favorite foods are eggplant and tempura shrimp.

  • ??? 2,100 - 2,199 posts

    His real name, unpronounceable, is made up of four various random characters. No really, it's unpronounceable. He answers to a higher authority and has a keen interest in restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom. If I were to tell you that this character is a wooden doll, would you believe me?

  • ??? 2,200 - 2,299 posts

    Party crasher, prankster and plunderous pirate, he wants nothing more than to fill his bottomless sacks with all the riches of the world. At first glance, he might resemble another character, but make no mistake about it. It's a surprise that this greedy guy hasn't met his demise, with his uncontrollable curiosity for honey-colored loot.

  • ??? 2,300 - 2,399 posts

    In 2008, he was voted as the 3rd most-favorite video game character in Japan. He's also been known to appear as a toy figurine inside Happy Meals for two McDonald's promotions. He doesn't say too much, but he's a man's best friend, and can change into more colors than a lizard.

  • ??? 2,400 - 2,599 posts

    Contrary to being considered a Major Hero, he grew up in the early stages of his video game career as a kidnapper. Some might relate this character to the spinach-inhaling Popeye when his name is mentioned. This hero isn't known to consume any spinach though. He prefers a much sweeter diet.

  • ??? 2,600 - 2,799 posts

    He's known to have a cocky attitude, acting like a teenager rather than an adult at times. In serious situations, he's proven to be quite the professional. Don't underestimate his size though, as he'll easily send you sailing.

  • ??? 2,800 - 2,999 posts

  • ??? 3,000 - 3,499 posts

  • ??? 3,500 - 3,999 posts

  • ??? 4,000 - ??? posts

  • ??? ??? posts