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North America Details

Publisher: Jaleco
Release Date: September 1991
Genre: Sports
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Not Rated

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Apr 26 2012 12:47 AM
Bases Loaded 3 is a game made by Jaleco. Unlike the first two in the series, where the goal was to win the World Series, the goal of this game is to play the perfect game against the perfect competition.

There are 13 different teams one can chose from. The eastern division teams are Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Washington D.C.. The western division teams are Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. There is also an edit team. The western division will allow you to use the designated hitter. If you play as an eastern division team, your pitcher must hit. The edit team is considered a eastern division team. The edit team has editable stats. Think of it this way. You can have your team as powerful as a Barry Bonds on steroids with blazing speed, or you can have a bunch of wimps with speed of a turtle, or anything in between.

You get a selection of three different ballparks once you select your team. Each ball park has advantages and disadvantages. The three ballparks are Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The game is played pretty much like real baseball. There is a mercy rule. If a team leads by 9 at the end of an inning, then the game ends.

Playing the game, you will be graded on thirteen different points. Each time you make an error, delay a throw, allow an inside-the-park homerun, throw to an unmanned base, force in a run with a walk, leave a tired pitcher in the game, allow more than three runs in an inning, throw a wild pitch that allows a baserunner to advance, strike out, get caught stealing, or get picked off (or doubled off a base) you will lose 3 points. If you make a great play you will gain 2 points. Each game you play, you will get 1 point. You start at 100 and can't get above that. You can't get below 0 either. You start at level 1. If you win, your score is computed and a level is determined that you will play next. If you lose the game is over. The levels are determined this way. If you score 95-100 you will play a level 5 team, 80-94 a level 4 team, 70-79 a level 3 team, 60-69 a level 2 team, and for anything under 60 a level 1 team. If you manage to beat a level 5 team, and score 100, then the credits will roll. You have played the perfect game. You can also see how the game computed your score.

This is a great and new way to have a baseball game played out. This game was endorsed by Ryne Sandberg. This was because that Sandberg was close to the perfect player in baseball when the game was made. You'll have to beat the game in one sitting, and there is no save feature for your edited team.

I recommend this game for baseball fans out there.

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