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North America Details

Publisher: Jaleco
Release Date: January 1990
Genre: Sports
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Not Rated

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Nov 19 2009 12:57 AM
Bases Loaded II: The Second Season is a baseball game made by Jaleco. You're in a season trying to make it to the World Series. You have two divisions which to choose your team from. The eastern division which includes the six teams New York, Boston, DC, Philly, and Jersey or the western division which includes the teams Los Angles, Texas, Utah, Omaha, Hawaii, and Kansas.

Once you chose your team, you start the season. You only play teams from your own division. You have 130 games at a max to play. You have to win 75 of them to make it to the World Series. In the World Series, if your team is from the World Series is from the eastern division, your team that you play is LA. The Western division plays New York. These can't change.

After each game a small news program which the game calls a "Biocondition" is done which tells you how your team is doing. I really don't understand it all that much. Then a password is given.

This game plays pretty much like real baseball is played. There are three major changes that I'll discuss. First, There is a mercy rule. If a team is winning by more than eight runs after five innings the game is called. Secondly, just because a player says he has 33 home runs doesn't mean that he'll more likely hit a home run. Third, is the view. The view is from behind the pitcher. This takes a while to get used to. This makes it difficult to hit a side-armed pitcher.

If you can get into it, this game is one of the best seasonal baseball games out there. The AI base runners are stupid, which makes it easy to throw them out and also throw out runners on the bases. Once you get used to the game, there really is no excuse to have to play more than 90 games before you get to the World Series. The music is kinda monotonous. This is why it is hard to get into, but well rewarding. This is even more so in a two player exhibition.

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Good review, CG. I have one question, though.
What's this sentence supposed to mean?

After each game a biocondition is done which tells you how your team is doing.

"Biocondition" isn't a word, and none of the suggestions for it made sense in the sentence.
Posted Image

It's the screenshot from the game
Weird. Looks more like a news program.

The review is approved.
Wow. Nice review. I remember having I think this game or the first one on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day. It was a good game.