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North America Details

Publisher: Hudson Soft
Release Date: March 10, 2004
Genre: Action
Players: Single Player, Up to 4 players
ESRB: Everyone

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Aug 27 2008 06:01 AM
Bomberman’s back with a new load of bombs in a full-fledged world. But will this game blow you into the sky with happiness?

Once you start the game, you’ll be faced with two modes, Normal and Battle. Let’s start with normal mode, which is like the story mode in Jetters. Basically, a gang known to you as the Hige Hige Bandits has plans to destroy Planet Bomber by colliding their artificial comet, the Dark Star into it. The Dark Star is powered by four main engines, which will render it inactive if they are destroyed, which becomes Bomberman’s main mission. Blow this thing up before it reaches Planet Bomber. Alright, main gameplay… As Bomberman, you’ll be traversing small 3-D worlds with bombs at your side. Attacking you will be Hige Hige Bandits, varying in type and strength. You have basic attacks, such as simply throwing your bomb in the desired direction, or a bit more varied attacks, such as kicking a bomb into a base to destroy it. You can also build up your bomb by holding A. A Built-Up bomb will cause a lot more damage than a normal bomb. And that’s basically all you can do. However, a few features will alter your gaming experience. This time around, Bomberman will be aided by all new “Charabombs” which are critters that can help you cross obstacles and basically make life easier. A quick example of a Charabomb is Sharkun, who can traverse water. Simply pick him in your Charabomb menu, and you’ll be set to travel the waters.

You can level up your several Charabombs by collecting fruit while you’re holding one. On another note, you’ll also be interacting with all new Special Bombs. This is done by synthesizing items with your regular Fire Bomb. For example, combine a bomb with a water jug, and you’ll get an Aqua Bomb, which will send droplets of water in every direction once it explodes. Combine a light bulb with a bomb and you’ll receive the Thunder Bomb, which delivers a wide-range shock attack to all enemies that are near. Etc. You’ll also be able to collect a few items such as health vessels, and items that will increase your bombs explosion range, your speed, and how many bombs you can actually equip, which doesn’t apply to Special Bombs, which you can only equip one at a time. Also, you’ll be able to switch between Max as well. He’s got this super effective blast that takes a few seconds to charge, but it’s really effective for clearing the area of enemies. But otherwise he’s got the same abilities as Bomberman, but he can’t interact with Charabombs or use Special Bombs. That’s pretty much Normal Mode. Let’s move on to Battle. Battle works pretty much the same way as the classic Bomberman games with a few more modes of gameplay. I won’t bother explaining them all, because there are eight and have very unique instructions, and I’d probably end up with two pages just explaining the modes.

I really don’t know. I think the simple graphics are meant to be like that, but they are still very edgy and have little to no detail on them. All character models themselves have almost no shading. I would almost classify this as a cell-shaded game, but I don’t quite know. The particle effects on charges and explosions are rather nice though. The worlds themselves are really drab. They’re not really that colorful and some of them have that weird maze feel to them. However, the frame rate is always maintained the same.

Again, drab. Tracks are really repetitive and can really, REALLY get on your nerves. The level music doesn’t really seem to match and you’d swear that the music to this level should’ve have gone to the other. Oh, and that “Hige” sound the Bandits can really tick the hell out of you. Honestly, mute the sound on your TV and just listen to an MP3 player or something, you’ll life will be much easier.

Bad. Throwing your bombs in just the right direction can be quite a hassle, and sometimes you’ll die if you don’t pull off a throw just right. Kicking bombs can also get quite tedious, since the bombs usually fly in a predetermined direction, one that’s usually not the right one. Bomberman doesn’t run very fast and it’s usually not a problem, except that as your bomb’s explosion range grows, you’ll have to get away quickly if you don’t want to get hurt. Turning is also a hassle. You won’t be able to pull off those quick 90 degree turns in this game to avoid getting hit by something. The Charabombs movement can also get quite annoying at some points since they usually don’t go in the direction you want.

Not a lot. At some points, you might get really stuck and realize the way out, which is right in front of you, yet so unobvious. The bosses may be a little tricky due to the control issues, but you’ll find a way to defeat them sooner or later. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll fly through the game.

There’s very little to no fun you’ll find in this game, in fact, the only thing you’ll probably find is irritation. If this game sounds amusing, and seems like a fun play, forget it.

Final Comments:
Maybe it’s the fact that they changed Bomberman’s head shape that completely screwed this up. I wouldn’t recommend this game unless you’re easily amused. It definitely doesn’t deserve the title of Bomberman, which is an otherwise fun series.

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