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North America Details

Publisher: Enix
Release Date: October 1992
Genre: Role-Playing
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Not Rated

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Mar 06 2012 06:00 PM
Dragon Warrior IV is a game released in 1992 by Enix for the Nintendo Entertainment System. By the time this game was released, the Super Nintendo was in its infancy. Dragon Warrior IV, like the last three in the series, is a turn based role playing game.

The game starts out with you naming your character, and giving it a gender. You can also choose a speed at what the text is shown. However, unlike past games in this series, you don't start out with your hero. Since this game is chapter based, you go through four chapters before you get to the hero that you named.
Playing this game is like any RPG out there. You have towns, shops, and inns. The inn will recover your health. In the shops, you can buy items or stronger equipment. You have townspeople that will give you some info when you talk to them. Some of the info is very useful and necessary to continue on, and some is totally useless. You have to decipher the differences on your own.

Pressing the A button brings up a status screen. You can TALK, SPELL, STATUS, ITEM, EQUIP, TACTICS, DOOR, and SEARCH. Talking to somebody is used when you're facing the person you want to talk to. Some of your characters can cast magic spells, this is normally used to heal, but you can have other spells like OUTSIDE, which will take you out of a dungeon. Status keeps up with your strength, defense, and etc. Unless you're a person who likes to really keep up with this kind of thing, it's pretty useless. You can use an item that you buy or find on your journey. Equip is very important. Once you buy a weapon or armor, you must equip it. Tactics changes your party order. Keep in mind that the person in front has more of a likelihood to get attacked. Door allows you to open doors, but be careful some are locked and thus you need a key. Search allows you to search the space you are on. You are told where to search when necessary, and it is useless to use this on every square.

The four chapters I mentioned earlier all have a different story line, with different goals that they must accomplish. Chapter 1 starts you out as Ragnar, who needs to find some lost children. Chapter 2 starts you with Alena, who is a tomboy princess. Chapter 3 starts you out with Taloon, who has a goal of being the world's greatest merchant. Chapter 4 starts you with Nara and Mara, who try to avenge their father's death. Chapter 5 starts you out as the hero who you named at the beginning. In each chapter, you must go through several challenges to meet your certain goal. At the end of the chapter, you will then go out on a journey (which consists of finding the hero and helping him).

In Chapter 5, when you find the characters from the first four chapters, you'll find that they are all computer controlled in battles, so they can and will do stuff you know better than to do. You can set up how you want the computer to attack, so if you don't want the computer to cast spells, you can set it up to do just that. It's kind of hard to explain until you see it for yourself unless I spoil some details.

This game does have a battery. You save by talking to the house of healing. Almost every town has one of these. You should know to save often if you play RPGs. If you die, you will continue with everything you found (experience, items, etc) since your last save, however, all of your characters except the main character will still be dead. Also, you will get the Dragon Warrior special and lose half your gold.

This game, like all other RPGs for the NES, takes some grinding. You must just pace back and forth and fight monsters in order to get stronger and stock up gold so you can buy stronger equipment. That's the only down side to this game. When your walking around outside of towns, towers, or caves, the game changes from daytime to dark. This is important because some areas are only open in the day and vice versa. The graphics are quite good. You have different music for walking in each chapter. The control is perfect. If you don't mind RPGs and grinding, the game is fun. This game belongs to a genre some people love and some people hate.

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