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North America Details

Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: November 14, 2006
Genre: Role-Playing
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Everyone 10+

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Nov 09 2012 11:02 PM

This has your typical story for a classic FF RPG. You have 4 heroes chosen by the crystals of light to save the world from complete darkness. It's similar to FF1, but with greater detail then the original.

You start off as Luneth falling into a hole. This just happens to be your first dungeon, it's quite small, so no need to be afraid. At the end you come to the first crystal that bestows upon you your task. Once back above ground you must seek out your fellow heroes of light.

All orphans raised by adoptive parents, the four set out on their journey to save the world and conquer the darkness. Is this a coincidence I think not... the story will unfold as you go through your travels.

Many a time traveler needs company right? Well you can expect the 'unexpected' companions in this game. Throughout your travels you will encounter few who will join your quest... with a quest of their own to follow.

As our heroes set out to follow their destiny, mysteries are relieved and secrets hidden beneath a world of darkness. It is your job to find out the details!

Character Development:

For a game that's 15 years old... this is VERY well done. You have your 4 main characters which constitute your party, but as you travel along you will help others that will join you. They don't really become part of your party per se... but they will provide help sometimes in battle. Each character has their story making it easy to get attached.

You have the protagonist Luneth... he is cunning and strong... his good friend Arc, a bit shy but don't underestimate his intelligence. Then there must always be a girl right?   Yes, Refia, a bit fresh with her attitude, really doesn't want to be daddy's little girl anymore. Then last but not least Ingus a protector and servant of a king... he's the quiet type but swift with a dagger (if used in Thief class).

Ah yes and who could forget our trusted friend Cid. He's been with us since FF2 if you've been a fan of the games since the beginning   He tends to play the role of an air ship pilot... nothing sort of skills.That would be him with the goofy looking hat on the left.

Battle System/Jobs:

Ah yes... finally back to a classic FF battle system. FF3 was the first installment to have the job system. It's not a very complex system like in other FF games. However it does present with it challenges and strategy. You receive different jobs at different times in the game as the story progresses... a lot of people would love to play as all of them, but it is recommend that you get a feel for what you want at the start of the game. Leveling up a job requires a LOT of training.

Switching of Job Classes:

It works more like this... say you have a person in the Mage class either white or black... if you level one up till you can use high level magic then switch it's like a rest of magic uses... but then if you level up the other class to make them even you can switch back and forth and have the same power... it will still take a few battles though to get your stats back... but it's not like starting over.

So you can level up any class you like to level 99 and switch to another class if you wanted... and you can go back to the first class and if you just stay at the inn, you'll recover all the points you had... but as before, you'll still need to do the set number of battles to get your stats back... So job changing really only affects your stats... it's not really 'mastering' a job per se.

The battle system is the classic turn base used in FF1. Each class has its different abilities that you may use... you select everyone's attack for the round and watch as the battle takes place. The the magic use is a bit different then what any RPG fan is used to. Rather then using Mana, each level of magic has a set amount of times you can use it. If you're just starting out as a Mage, you get 10 uses of level 1 magic... and you can only have 3 spells at each level.

Busting the Rumor on hours of leveling: Why it's not necessary

You don't have to level up for hours... in fact as you progress through the game there are some GREAT places that will get you 2-3 levels in a 1/2 hour... right now I'm FAR into the game about 17+ hours and I'm level 37 and just kicking the butt out of everything in 1 hit...

Fact is, if you take the time to explore the dungeons in FULL finding every item and leaving no stone unturned you'll be leveling up the whole way... there is hardly any need to go off and train just to level.

It's all about exploring and having fun... but if you use a guide it's harder to do this because then you know where EVERYTHING is so you head straight for it. Yes this saves you time, however your random battles go down since you spend less time looking around and searching for things... Therefore... My tip... don't use a guide... go head first into the game and just explore. And if you need help... That's what the forum is here for.


I can only say WOW... the opening is just amazing for a DS game... it's like a movie. As for the in game graphics... they are very nicely done. As you battle monsters the settings change depending on your surroundings... the display is very nice. You can see expressions on the faces of people... for a DS game the graphics are very detailed.

The top half of the DS plays host to the map... when using the menu it will show you your current location in a dungeon. And then when you are purchasing weapons and arm the top will display your party and the member will wave to you if the item can be equipped. It's a nice use of graphics, but I'm sure more could have been done with it.

As for the touch screen, you can in fact play the whole game on it if you do so choose. I find this is a nice relief from holding down buttons and gets you a bit more involved.


Ah yes the classic FF music... the scores in this epic adventure are music to the ears. If you've ever had a sound track to FF you would know that they don't spare anything when it comes to the sound. The music changes from town to town.. the battle theme is catchy and overall the sound quality is just fabulous. The music format for this game is Midi but I tell you it does sound wonderful.

Final comments:

After playing this game for only 9 hours... I can tell you it has everything I was expecting and a WHOLE lot more. The in depth storyline to the wonderful game play is just astounding. I couldn't ask for more from an FF title. The game has over 60 hours of game play and great exploration. The guide was a little short so I didn't get one, and for this game I don't even think you need one. Not that it's not challenging, but the fact is you can have a LOT more fun exploring on your own.

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I'm surprised you chose to review the game before even beating it.
Yes, most were. I don't think I ever finished it either. I don't ususally do this, but once in a blue moon I do.
great game, played it loved it, I was hoping for

V and VI to be remade for the DS or 3DS.

but we do have dragonquest !!!
classic final fantasy game... much better than what the franchise is giving us nowadays