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North America Details

Publisher: Activision
Release Date: October 28, 2007
Genre: Music
Players: Single Player, Multiplayer (varies)
ESRB: Teen

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Feb 15 2008 03:00 AM
If you haven’t ever before heard of Guitar Hero, consider yourself “insanely ignorant” because the series has taken the world head-over-heals. Let’s begin shall we?

Game play is unbelievable, simply unbelievable. The game uses a pretty simple system in its game play. First of all you have notes, called “gems” in the game, that run down a fret board and your job is to press down the button on your own fret board, while also strumming the note with a nice little switch at the base of your “guitar.” Sounds easy? As you start out on easy mode, you may easily bore yourself. However, as soon as you’re hit by the medium level notes, you’ll find that this game is no piece of cake. Tracks like “Raining Blood” and “Through the Fire and the Flames” will have your hand zipping up and down at a rapid pace, giving you hardly enough time to strum your notes. Which is where techniques such as the “hammer-on” and “pull-off” come in very handy. Guitar Hero uses real-life tactics to make your life a LOT easier, but it hardly ends here. Guitar Battles allow you to brawl with in-game bosses, which include real guitarists such as Slash and Tom Morello, or friends around the world. Your Star Power is traded in for a brand new Battle Power, a completely unmerciful system that allows you to attack the other guitarist in a way that will have them gasping for breath. Attacks range from making your opponent miss certain notes, flip their guitar to their left hand, or be forced to “fix their guitar” in order for it to work properly again. Of course, they have this advantage as well, so watch out!

As far as graphics, the Wii console is at a slight disadvantage in this portion as opposed to other gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 or the PlayStation3.

However, this hardly makes the game any less fun to play. Not many people care about this portion so just go ahead and go down to the next section.

Obviously, the Guitar Hero franchise knows about sound. Featuring the best set list in the entire series, you’ll be bouncing to the beats in an instant. Tracks like “One” by Metallica and “Cliffs of Dover” offer an amazing sound experience, and, if you have a surround sound system, take full advantage and blast those speakers! The set list has over 40 tracks, but the music doesn’t end there. Bonus and Extra tracks unlocked by beating the game in certain difficulty levels or purchasing them from the store offer another plethora of rock to the game. ROCK ON DUDES!!

Guitar Hero is an amazingly accurate game when it came to timing their notes. Each difficulty contains reasonable note positioning, giving you just the right amount of hardness depending on your experience. The guitar itself is incredibly easy to handle, until you start getting to the medium and hard levels, where an extra fret button is added with each difficulty level you complete. Practice will easily solve this issue.

The guys at RedOctane definitely cranked up the level of the game since the last Guitar Hero game. The redefined Expert mode will make your job so hard it’ll almost seem unfair. Of course, if real guitarists can do it, so can we, right? Challenge is certainly not a problem in Guitar Hero 3. You’ll be playing into the next century with this one, no need to worry about that.

I shouldn’t even have to explain this section. Guitar Hero 3 is probably beyond the definition of fun. Creative mini-movies in between each chapter will give you a laugh or two to give you break from the guitar-shredding. However, there are some flaws in this section. Playing through each song just to pass each difficulty level will get awfully repetitive, and it will get extremely annoying at one point to keep retrying a song to finally pass it.

Overall, another amazing game from RedOctane and Neversoft. Honestly, when I heard Neversoft would be heading this one, I had my doubts, but now they’re completely erased. If you haven’t tried this one, please do, you won’t be disappointed.

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