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North America Details

Publisher: Tradewest
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Driving/Racing
Players: Single Player, Up to 4 players
ESRB: Not Rated

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Dec 17 2009 10:40 PM
Hit the road… or shall I say, off road?

Super Off Road; some may remember it in the arcades as that machine with the 3 steering wheels, or maybe on your NES, SNES, Genesis and many more other consoles. Super Off Road was released on literally everything back then, and why not? I admire a company with the smarts to release their game on every console out there. They are just awesome!
Now, with Super Off Road, you are playing a racing game, but this isn’t your usual racing experience. Instead of being in the car or having the camera behind your car, you are looking at the entire freaking race track. Your car is a tiny speck on the screen with all the other cars. Now, you may be thinking; “How is that fun?” Well, I suppose it doesn’t sound fun, or appealing, but if you are thinking that, slap yourself in the face. It is tremendously fun. Why? Let me tell you.

I, myself, have played the Arcade version, the NES version, the SNES version and the Genesis version. I have to say, while they are all similar and great, the Genesis version takes the cake. First off, the NES version features only a limited amount of the tracks, after all. The NES version was ported directly from the original arcade version. They remade the game with 8 extra tracks, for the arcade, called the Super Off Road: Track Pack. This version is what we got on the SNES & Genesis. The only thing the NES version held over the SNES & Genesis versions was that it had a 4 player mode. Other Off Road games were made for the consoles on SNES and NES which I have not played. A final sequel was also made on the N64 in your traditional racing style called Off Road Challenge, this one I have played.

One thing that is particularly enjoyable in these games is the intricate & immense landscapes that you race in, it is so fun. They crammed so many pools of water and tiny, tiny hills into this game, that it is just amazing. You get far enough into the game and all the cars are just flying up and down randomly and skidding everywhere. It’s total carnage at its 16/8 bit best!

The game isn’t hard either. The only complaint that I share about that is the fact that if you lose in the first few races; it will be very hard to win again. It really isn’t bad, you have to place dead last about 10 times before you are finally given a continue screen. Come that point, you are given a final chance to place at least third or you are out of here! So, you can pretty much play as long as you want, through all of the tracks. There is a typical system used here, seen in many of the arcade style racing games at the time, and that is the buy mode. You are allowed to buy nitro, tires, wheels, engines and more. This is what can kind of screw you over in the start if you don’t win, you don’t get cash, the other cars upgrade. You don’t, do the math.

Now the sound is pretty great, catchy. What else is there to say? The music blends well with the game on the SNES & Genesis versions... on the NES... not so much.

Thanks For reading. All comments and questions are appreciated.

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Wouldn't the SNES(and Genesis) version be a completely different game, or possibly a sequel?

Also, I'll proofread it tomorrow, just so you know.
The SNES and Genesis versions were ported from the Super Off Road track pack, same game, more tracks. The NES version was ported from the original.
I said this in the review.
Just wanted to clarify it. Looks like this review can be used for both. Review approved.