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North America Details

Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: January 1992
Genre: Action, Platform
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

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Mar 09 2012 09:25 PM
Dr. Wily has failed in his three attempts at taking over the world. In this game, a new evil scientist, Dr. Cossack has invented eight of his own robots to defeat Mega Man. These robots are; Ring Man, Dive Man, Skull Man, Pharaoh Man, Bright Man, Toad Man, Drill Man and Dust Man.

Mega Man must traverse through each of these stages. Each stage has graphics and enemies that go with the boss robot master at the end of the stage. Pharaoh Man's stage, for example, takes place in a Egyptian-like atmosphere, and Ring Man's takes place in a space-like atmosphere to resemble Saturn, the ring planet.

Mega Man may go through these eight stages in any order he pleases, but there are suggested orders to go through. Each expert has a different order that he or she likes to go through the stages in. Hidden in two of these stages are two special items Mega Man can use in his arsenal. These items are the wire and the balloon. The wire allows you to reach high ledges that you normally couldn't jump to. The balloon allows you to create a platform that you can jump on to. This platform disappears after a while. When you beat two of the other stages, you will get an adapter for the Rush Dog.

Once you defeat the eight robot stages, you will go to Dr. Cossack's castle. After beating Dr. Cossack's castle, you find out that in actually, Dr. Wily forced Dr. Cossack to attack you. This means you have to go through an additional castle to try and make Wily surrender for a fourth time.

New to this game is a charging buster. You can charge up your arm cannon. This is called the Mega Buster. You can't charge up any weapons, except the Pharaoh Shot. Unlike the past games, only one weapon will work well against the eight bosses. For example, the Drill Man weapon works well against Toad Man but no one else. Toad Man's weapon will work well against one of the other robots, and so on.

Again, you have great replay value in trying different orders to go through the first eight stages in before Dr. Cossack. Each expert will have his or her own order. The graphics are excellent for an eight bit game. The play control is great. Each stage has a different tune so you don't have the same background music throughout the whole game. You can continue with a password. Unlike the first game, this game doesn't require you to play straight through in one sitting. The latest one can start is at the beginning of Dr. Cossack's castle. A turbo controller isn't necessary. This is the hardest Mega Man game in my opinion. If you haven't played this game, I highly recommend it. The real only minus here is that the story really isn't that original.

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