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North America Details

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: November 18, 2012
Genre: Adventure, Platform
Players: Single Player, Up to 5 players
ESRB: Everyone

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Jan 03 2013 07:40 PM
Welcome to my first post here at Nintendo Nerds! For my first, I thought I'd focus on giving a review of one of my most recent finished games and most recent playthrough, NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U.

Now bear in mind, I am not a professional and rarely even give reviews. Most of the things I will state will be from my viewpoint and my way of wording things. So if you're ok with that then keep on reading! This review will be covered three main categories: Music, Gameplay and Visuals. So without more rambling, lets get to it.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U is the 4th entry into the popular NEW SUPER MARIO BROS series. One of these games sees a release on each Nintendo console and handheld(DS, 3DS, Wii and now Wii U)and with each of the games adopting the 2D sidescrolling old school Mario game play.

Since the original games release on the DS,fans and critics alike have panned and ridiculed the the NSMB series for being a ''same ol same ol'' game without adding very much new to each and every entry and thus feeling like you're playing the game over and over, while other entries into the series(NSMB 2 3DS), felt rather lackluster and an overall disappointment.


NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U changes what you've been expecting of the NEW SUPER MARIO BROS series and brings you a vast variety of change, challenge and excellent game play. Those who are familiar with the Mario series in the long term quickly feel the rush of nostalgia upon entering into the games world for the very first time.

Upon starting your game, you're greeted with a much welcomed world map screen. NSMB U abandons its straight forward usual format of a side scrolling level selection to the ever nostalgic Super Mario World format. With this addition to the series, players once again feel the excitement of a free to roam world map with tons of secret entrances,power ups to find a very special treat for all fans once you complete the game(hint: star).

Apart from the new addition to the games map system, the game play feels both familiar and new. In the earlier levels of the game you will react and make timely jumps based on your natural instincts and overall feeling of you've been here and done that and can easily predict what is coming next. But do not be fooled, all of this changes the further you advance throughout the game.

As you progress, there will be certain levels that will offer more of a challenge and more creative level design than that of the earlier levels, from the easy going flow of Acorn Plains to the poisonous gasses of Soda Jungle, you will not only see the difference but you will feel it as well in both difficulty and visual stand point.

The newest addition to the games powerups is the Acorn. This power up allows you to transform into a flying squirrel and take flight for short periods of time. With this suit, not only does it help you glide over treacherous terrain, but if used with skill, can help you get to previously thought unreachable platforms or secrets or out of sticky situations.

Another welcomed edition are the baby Yoshis. These babies, ranging from Pink to Blue to Yellow, each of them together can offer the player a great advantage if their skills are used properly.

Pink Yoshi: Quite possibly my favorite Yoshi in the game. This pink Yoshi will inflate itself, allowing you to hover and float and slowly glide through a level with ease. However, twist and turn this Yoshi too much and you will find that his lungs will run out of air and you may just fall into a death pit when he does.

Blue Yoshi: This Yoshi can be useful in tight situations or in instances where there may be too many enemies to maneuver around, he has the power of BUBBLES!(It sounds rather... lame doesn't it?). However don't be fooled by how childish it sounds, these are very useful and dangerous bubbles, they have the power to immobilize and trap your foe, rendering them useless.

Yellow Yoshi: To be blunt and short... he's a Yoshi flashlight, which can light up any darkened area to your advantage, but ONLY for a limited amount of time.

So what more could they possible add besides an increased level design,increased creativity and upgraded difficulty as well as new powerups in Yoshis and acorns? Nabbits!

What is a Nabbit? Honestly I'm not quite sure what the hell a Nabbit even is. Quite frankly the entire game I was under the assumption that Nabbit is Bowser Jr in disguise(look at his bib, its the same as Bowser Jr). However, what he is is not the issue, the real issue is what does he bring to the game play of this game? Simple: fun.

Upon reaching the Desert, you'll get your first encounter with a Nabbit, he has just stolen some of Toads goods and its your job to go and get the items back. It is your job to track him down, which won't be hard as an icon shows up indicting where to find him on the world map. Find the level that he is in and then its on to a mad dash to catch him. Careful though, you only have around 60 seconds to chase and catch him and upon his catch you will release a P-Acorn. This acorn gives you the power of a squirrel only with the effects of the P-Wing from SMB 3(infinite flight). VERY useful for levels you are frustrated with.

Challenges: Don't feel like playing the main story right now or have you completed it 100% with all star coins and found all the secret entrances? Well you're still not even close to being done yet. Aside from having  a Boost Rush mode for you and your friends, this game offers a large variety of challenge modes for the player to overcome.

Each category of challenges range from a 1 Up challenge where the player must bounce on an enemy for a designated amount of hits to reach a bronze, silver or gold medal. Another challenge is Time Attack in which a player must make it to the end of the stage in a set amount of time and the faster the time, the better chances you will have at getting a gold medal.

Each challenge category has many unlockable challenges that will keep you entertained and on your toes for well after you've completed the story mode. But thats not all, this challenge mode also features a recording of you completely of a challenge. After completing a challenge you will be able to play back and watch your attempt to see how well you did or what you can change, very nifty and very cool.

Miiverse Integration: Regardless of what people say, Miiverse is an amazing addition to the Wii U console and it bodes no different here in New Super Mario Bros U.  Using the Miiverse feature on the main world map, you will be able to see other online users location and what they have to say about this particular game or part of the level, whether they're stuck or if they've completely kicked the game's ass.

Seeing other people on the same map or on the same level as you gives you a strong sense of community and immersion that you can't experience on any other console currently. The ability to seamlessly take any in game screen shot and click the home button and post your screenshot and then jump right back into the spot you left off in, adds not only a new dimension interactivity but a sense of something very new and fresh.



If there is one thing to be critical about with this game, its the music department. This is where the laziness of Nintendo shines. You would figure that by the time the fourth entry into the series rolls around that they would get the picture and get an original soundtrack in order to compliment all their other amazing changes, they chose not to.

Every song you have heard in the previous NSMB games, bares itself in this adventure and while the songs are still rather catchy, they tend to get rather annoying in the sense that they WILL get stuck in your head after awhile. While that can be considered good to most people, I however find it more of a disappointment as I would rather have a new and original score stuck in my head rather than one ive heard a hundred times all ready.

So catchy? Sure thing. Repetitive? Unfortunately.



HD! HD! HD! Shout it to the heavens!

Yes Mario has finally entered the realm of HD and boy is it grand. Each level and character model looks very polished and shiny and really stands out. While some levels in the game do not have the amazing art style of the later worlds(Soda Jungle/Frosted Glacier), their attention to detail is very sleek and extremely well done for Nintendo's first outing in the HD department.

However as amazing as Mario looks in HD, as a player and fan, you still feel that it could've been a lot nicer looking when you compare the games visuals to the style to that of eShop release Trine 2 and future release Rayman Legends.



With all the above having been said. I feel New Super Mario Bros U is a must have for any Wii U owner that just likes good ol fashioned platforming fun with the friendly fat boy plumber we've all known for years. This game redeems the New Super Mario Bros series and takes our mushroom kingdom plumber back to his roots we all remember and pays tribute in form of a love letter to both Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3, while adding just enough variety in powers, challenges and secrets to keep you playing the game hours upon completing it. However with all the good, comes the bad. Repetitive(although catchy) music and early level easy predictability, keep the game from being close to perfect.

Final Score: MUST OWN!

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