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North America Details

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Release Date: May 1988
Genre: Action, Platform
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Not Rated

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Jan 11 2010 04:08 PM
Rambo is a game made by Acclaim. As the game says, the object of the game is to go to Vietnam, take a photo of a POW, and get the hell out. You begin on the military base. You go to the weapons base and get 10 throwing knives and 5 medicine bottles. A medicine bottle increases your health by 100. Then you talk to the main guy and head to Nam.

In the jungle of Nam, you fight many enemies gaining experience. These help you to gain levels. Each level you build will decrease the number of hits it takes to kill an enemy. You may pick up a 10 pack of weapons. These allow you to have more range. Although these have more range, they take more hits to kill the enemies. Your weapons are throwing knives, arrows, exploding arrows, machine gun, and hand grenades (you only hold 9 of these and pick up 9) You walk in a side scrolling manned and by going north/south on the marker in the jungle.

On the way, you go through many side quests and fight bosses which increase your maximum health by 100. If you rescue the POW, that's fine. If you just get the photo, you'll go back eventually and rescue the POW. You'll get help by CO, but most traveling takes trial and error.

When you run out of energy you can continue or write down a password. The password system is absolutely horrendous and to top that off they may not work even then. This means you probably have to spend a long time to beat the game. Both ways of continuing, you start from the last conversation you had. These are few and far between. Your best weapon, although unlimited, has absolutely no range. This gets to be hard against really fast enemies or enemies that fire a gun at you The challenge is super hard, a full 10 really doesn't tell how hard this game is.

The review may seem like this game is pretty awesome, but in fact it's not. The graphics leave a lot to be desired. The weapons just look like white lines shaped like the weapon. The machine gun only fires straight. The backgrounds switch from night to day. There only like four or five different sounds. This gets to sound monotonous some of the time.

If you want challenge or need way more stress in your life by all means play this game. If you want fun or a way to relive stress do not play this game. This game is a fine example of looking like a great game by the box cover, but is totally lacking when you play it.

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