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North America Details

Publisher: Midway Games
Release Date: November 10, 1998
Genre: Driving/Racing
Players: Single Player, Multiplayer (varies)
ESRB: Everyone

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Nov 29 2009 03:45 PM
Kick up your feet. Grab a friend. Crank up the tunes, and enjoy the sweet, sweet destruction!

Rush 2. Ahh, what a wonderful sequel. Of course not in Gamespot's opinion. No, Gamespot prefers to give it a mediocre score, along with a few other sites. Why is this? Why do I consider it so wonderful? Okay. Grab a seat and find out. Rush 2 brings back all the mechanics of its older brother; San Francisco Rush. It delivers the same game play, new tracks, more car customizations, stunt tracks and an overall great experience for fans of San Francisco Rush.

Midway decided to go at the series alone this time. Last time, Atari had the bigger hand. Midway was just there to port it to arcades and polish it off. This time, Rush 2 was only released for the N64. No arcades, no PS1 and no Dreamcast.

Rush 2 has no story mode. It has free play, practice and circuit mode. Circuit mode is as close as it comes to a story. You race through the many different tracks in different conditions and harder difficulties to achieve first place. Basically, you see how long that you can keep doing well (luckily you can save). It’s kind of hard in my opinion. You get to choose your car, and whether or not the famous deaths mode is on. If you need a recap: Deaths is a wicked feature meaning that if you or anyone else dies/blows up, they're done for the race (so are you if you blow up). Only the strongest survive here… heh-heh-heh. Upon beating circuit mode, you unlock the midway race track.

In my opinion, the most memorable tracks are Seattle, New York Up-town, New York Down-town, Alcatraz, Crash, Pipe & the stunt track (of course used for stunt purposes and not races). Seattle beats em’ all though, and the reason for that is Seattle is just all-out carnage. I love it, you come up to one part where you drive up roads, then drive down roads that flatten in random places: If you are not skilled enough to miss the flat parts after soaring through the air…. Well, let’s just say you will be flipping out. The funny thing about that is all of the AI cars end up all over the roads and sky. Good luck dodging them. The road filters into this mini road thing, so, it can be hard. The cool thing about the New York Up-town level is that there is another “Death Spot”, so to speak. There is this little slanted piece of ground that all of the AI players seem to hit, do a half barrel roll and… that’s all she wrote folks. Most of the levels hold their special points, and many, many shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts are just bizarre, though. In New York down-town, there is this shortcut that I always take that involves jumping three buildings, falling 3 stories and turning immediately. Pull it off right, (which I usually do) and you’re good to go. So, yeah, the levels are great for the most part. I could go on & on, like driving in subways and through office buildings, but it would take too long.

The last few notable things from this game are the ability to change fog, gravity & wind. Cars are completely customizable and the key feature is back, where you hunt down keys and Mountain Dew bottles to unlock special cars (the best is the Prototype car). Speaking of that, the pipe level is also unlockable after placing first on every track in free play mode, which can be tedious. The stunt track is a new feature in this game. It’s self-explanatory, you pull off tricks and score points in a certain time limit. It’s fun and you can play Tag with a friend.

The sound is lacking compared to San Francisco Rush in my opinion. It's still alright, but after you've heard it so many times... it's just... alright.

Rush 2 is a great game. You should buy it if you are a fan of Destruction Derby or San Francisco Rush. I love it. If you are going to buy a racing game on the N64, make it Rush 2.

Thanks for reading. All comments, questions and such are welcome & much appreciated.

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Great review of the game, Cam3ronND. After watching the videos, it definitely seems like a good choice for the Nintendo 64. I might have to look further into this game since I enjoy racing games. Thanks for the contribution :thanks:
it's a rare breed of game. I can tell you that much ;)
Another nice review, Cam. It has been approved.

I thought it was kind of weird that you were using colons like they were commas.
punctuation is my weak point :-\