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North America Details

Publisher: Konami
Release Date: August 1992
Genre: Beat 'Em Up
Players: Single Player, 2 Player Simultaneous
ESRB: Not Rated

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Sep 02 2008 12:17 AM
Released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, TMNT 4 is probably among the best of the series. It’s not very long, but it does offer a nice challenge, a nice fighting system, and decent graphics for its time.

There’s not much of a storyline this time around. Once you press start, the game goes into a cut scene where Krang is seen in one of his android suits stealing the Statue of Liberty from New York. Next, we see Shredder on the Turtles’ TV, laughing in an evil manner. Last, we see Leonardo demanding the statue back, and the game begins. You pick a character and get thrown in New York. The game is pretty basic. You’ll land in one area, defeat the enemies there, and keep trooping.

There’s one button for attacks. Even though it’s only one, with a bit of button mashing, you can pull off some handy combos. There’s also a button for jumping, and if you combine it together with your attack button at certain points of the jump, you can pull off a few aerial attacks. Enemies will vary. Some will be unarmed, but some will have swords, nunchuks, and flame-throwers. Some will take a few hits to defeat, and others will be a bit sturdier. But you will get hit once in a while. Eat up a pizza to fully recover you’re health. There are also special pizzas lying around marked with a bomb. Chomp these up and you’ll turn into a spinning tornado that delivers a one-hit kill to anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact. This lasts about five seconds only, so use it wisely. At the end of each level you’ll encounter a boss fight, which requires a bit of skill in evasion and attack, but they’re pretty easy over all. Also, every few stages you’ll encounter a bonus stage, where you’ll be able to rack up some kills, get a few bonus pizzas, and go up against yet another boss.

Pretty impressive for the SNES. All the sprites are really clean, and animation is really fluid. The frame rate in this game never goes down, which is a big plus due to the amount of activity going on in one area. Also, if you go to the options menu, you can even choose the shading style of your Turtle. You can choose the Animation style, of the Cartoon style, which is a bit smoother.

The music in TMNT 4 is really fun to listen to. Sound effects also sound really clean. All the punch and slash and pound effects really give this game a fighting feel.

The controls here are really tight and respond really well. You can make quick dodges put together great combos without any controller lag. Also, the speed of the game is really good. No enemies are ever faster than you, but they are quick enough to put up a good fight.

Easy Mode isn’t very difficult, but it will take up a few continues unless you’re something of a TMNT god. If so, then feel free to head over to the options menu and crank it up to hard, which is significantly more difficult. Enemies get more aggressive, and boss fights also rise in difficulty.

All in all, this game is a pretty fun package. I love button-mashing games so that may be one of the reasons, but it’s a good game at that.

Final Comments:
TMNTs graphics, control, challenge, and gameplay style come together to create a well-rounded video game for the SNES. It will keep you hooked for a while, and, if you haven’t checked this game out yet, do so now.

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