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North America Details

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: March 20, 2007
Genre: Strategy
Players: Single Player
ESRB: Everyone

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Oct 30 2009 02:58 PM
I know what you're thinking... why am I reviewing a DS game? Don't get too comfortable, this will be focusing on the game's big progressing history also.

Theme Park started on your typical DOS computer back in 1994, like Doom or Wolfenstein, it was ported to many, many consoles(SNES, Genesis, Saturn, 3DO, Jaguar, etc.) Theme park had a huge gap of about 10 years before it was released for another console. Of course I am talking about the original, there were some spinoffs made on PS, PS2 and Saturn, but, they did not do too well with too much or too little altering involved. Getting back to topic, it had been around ten years since re-release. Although Theme park was never a really well known game, it is a simple pleasure to play, it's very simple, yet very complex. It's very easy to learn & just simply dedicated to a theme park lovers dream.

The DS version happens to be the first version I've played and for once, the lousy "pen idea" planted in all DS games works, but still, every DS game needs an option to use the buttons instead. I bought this because I'm a fan of the much more commonly known, "Roller Coaster Tycoon" series, so... I doubt many DS owners have played this game or heard of it. So please, I'm saying this if you have a DS, buy it! I myself made the mistake of putting it in the wrong game case, and selling it... I was saddened, because I loved this game. At first glance, the game seemed odd and I didn't like it, but I went back to it a couple of weeks later, played it like hell, and absolutely loved it! I loved the gameplay, the simplicity, the way you run your parks, they delivered this game in such a manner that it was different from RCT in so many ways, you'd think that would be bad, but it's a wonderful change.

After I sold this, I kind of forgot about it, because my brother and I bought a Dreamcast. The next day, he bought a Saturn off his friend. I went to go look at the Saturn and see what games came with it... only one... "Theme Park". My brother doesn't like games like this, so I played the Saturn like hell again until he sold that months later. I recently burned a Genesis emulator on my Dreamcast and I've got to say, the genesis version, is... somewhat limited in money funding and... never mind, that is because I'm on easy and I don't get as much features. That is another thing, the different difficulties on all versions auto-control certain extra functions so you don't have to, which is pretty smart.

I'm going to try and get back to the DS side of things here, but the one comment on the Genesis version is, why do you never get any guests? Literally, and I'll show a video later, the DS & Saturn versions just jam-pack your park with guests.

The main goal of the game is that you get to start out with UK as a park for free, you can choose one of four assistants, which is new. Your goal is to beat 0-12 other companies,(0, 4, 8 & 12 are the only options for enemy amounts) the other companies take away guests and that is why there is an "on" or "off" option for them(probably why I can't get guests in the Genesis version). You maintain your park until you want to sell it and buy land in about 5 different countries... why? really... the older versions had about 25 different country options, so why would they only put 5? That is not a big deal however, how can you even get guests in "Antarctica anyways?" lol. That is what you do, certain research is required in earlier levels, but later levels start you off with more, but this usually means harder guest generation(especially Antarctica).

That is the simplicity of the game, that is why I love it. I especially love building the tube rides, it's like building pathways, and you just attach an entrance to them after it's in a complete circuit, then you watch the people enter, next thing you know, you see them on a tube tubing through a pipe, such a clever ride. The car rides work the same way and are fun too, especially if you delete a piece of the track and watch the people ride across the ground and explode, that's how I handle em' guests. Care to visit my parks anyone? Thank you come again!

Roller coasters do work the same way, but you can raise or lower certain parts of the coaster... do you want to know? Well, this one is not my doing but, when the roller coaster gets older, people fly off. Sometimes you see the people fly right at your screen with their pixelated faces screaming.(put some dang restraints in!) I'm not saying you can put restraints in, but it certainly brings up questions. You can also add loop-the-loops & corkscrews in, you have to add them to straight tracks once you unlock them, so they can be added after it's already been built. Pretty nifty game we have here. All of the other rides are simple 3 by 3 rides where you attach entrances and exits where you please.

One new feature I tend to find annoying is that you have to put so much dang funding into each particular staff member type so they work efficiently, it is definitely something I could've done without.

The sound in this game is annoying, tedious and repetitive, it's alright, but why does it have to loop? I mean, the old theme park games played a different song for each ride depending on which ride you were near... one of the only areas that the game suffers in. I'll be thankful for that.

If you own the DS, I'm not gonna lie, if you see it, Buy it! Seriously, this game is great. Buy it!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment.

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I was a fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon too, and this game looks and feels very much the same.
No, it's almost a complete opposite of RCT, but in a good way (as said in review)

BTW people, this is a direct transfer of my NFF review, so somethings may look odd, (ie: every time I pressed "Enter" in my NFF review, somehow here it double spaced when I copied, I had to fix that...)
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