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North America Details

Publisher: Kemco
Release Date: February 1995
Genre: Driving/Racing
Players: Single Player, Up to 4 players
ESRB: Not Rated

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Jan 28 2010 11:00 PM
Obscure… Check, Fast… Check, High pressure… Check, dang, what a sight, and who owns it? That’s right...

Burning up the charts, squealing to the SNES and Genesis, Heart racing, sweat-drenched, too fast to handle, too hot to handle! Now that is the way to describe this rare gem. If you happen to own this, you aren’t the luckiest SOB on the planet, but you are pretty dang lucky. Not just from the rarity, no. It’s not all that rare, but man! What a sight.

I will try not to praise this godly game too much, but you just can’t help but praise it to the sky high heavens! Why? Well, top gear 3000 simply demands your attention. You think you are playing a high-intensity masterpiece with your special PGR 4, think again… You have not played a hardcore game until you have played Top Gear 3000, and for one simple reason. The involvement required just to sit there and play it, the quick reactions needed in the split second where you have to dodge pickets, trees, changing track formations, cars, all while traveling at a ground-breaking 700 Kilometers per hour! While that is unrealistic to think that you are traveling that fast near the end of the game, I’d say it strikes around the 300 Kilometer per hour mark (about 190 MP/h), if not 400. I am not even joking, I swear that I have not seen a game this fast before. You think that that would have its setbacks, but while playing through the game, it slowly builds you up to the faithful moment, while you slowly get better, at the end of the game, when it’s all up to you, the guy with the Car! The car you built through winning races and unlocking all the special devices used to help you on your journey, to the center of the Universe.

The fact that when you’ve played this game so much as a little kid, up to the present moment shows that you have the skills to take the game. The game also does build you up, and it is easy enough to get used to the game and do well, at least that is what I found. There are 3 difficulties in the game… I think you can guess what the generic names are for the different difficulties. Of course they all differ, the higher the difficulty, the more tracks that they throw at you. You get the easier tracks first, but I’ll be damned if you don’t screw up later on, you MUST figure out the mechanics of the game, you MUST strategize to prosper, what do I mean by this? There are certain techniques to use when fueling up over the gas mats (That’s what they are, just red things on the road). There are also blue mats which restore your cars armor (sound far-fetched, check the title ), the real crummy fact here is that there are thing in the roads I like to call “Road Split-ups” that often always have to be a little jerk, and put the gas mat on one side, and the repairs mat on the other side, Sheesh, better off just not to crash.

Believe me you, your fuel gauge waits for nothing, and once it runs out, you will slowly lose speed (and I do mean slowly), unless you crash, then your stuck at a low speed, and your done unless a car hits you from behind and speeds you back up. You get worse than 8th place once, and I mean once, then you’re gone (There are 20 racers altogether). Other crummy challenges I’d like to mention are my favorite little buddies, the “Quick Split-ups” these little road devils will get you every time, they are the same as a regular road split up. Only, unlike traveling on one of two different tracks for maybe thirty seconds, you join back up in less than half a second, and the worst part is that if you are in the middle of the road, you drive right into the trees in these “Quick Split-ups”. Your best off to stay on the left or right side to make sure that you are safe, because you don’t have to turn left or right yourself, it sort of turns for you… Kind of awkward and hard to explain, but you’d see for yourself if you played Top Gear 3000. These are about my only pet peeves with the game, but you know, a game has got to have its challenges, or it wouldn’t be too much fun.

Despite all of that, It is really fun to play and it takes on the classic Super Off Road style of buying all of your car supplies, this is another part that you should know about, the buying style is much more intricate than that of Super Off Road, you got lots of different supplies and special weapons and unlockables that show up as you go along in the game. There is really too much to say here, all I have to day is that I try to save up for the best stuff that I can get first, because it’s just proper money management. “You save up for the best” and you get a better outcome”, isn’t that how it goes?

I’m not going to try and explain all the strategy involved to be successful in the game, all I’ll say is that you have to play through a few times before you can start strategy, learning and making a game plan. Once you get the hang of Top Gear 3000 and figure out a strategy, it can be a great game. I’d describe it that way; it is in my top 3 favorite games of all time! I’m sure many people agree with me on this too, why else would it always be rented out at the video store back in the day? Yeah, there weren’t too many copies of the game because it was made in the later part of the SNES' life, which was a struggle for many of the games at the time.

There is not much else to say on this game, it has a kickin’ soundtrack that meshes perfectly with the game, it is not so much a game for you and a friend, both people have to know how to play, but man. When my bro and I play this, we tear up the track and have an all-out brawl. It is the perfect racing game, and it is just awesome to witness. We had a whole audience before, but who wants to stick around for the whole 3-5 hours that this game takes depending on varying difficulties. I will be honest, I only ever beat the game on hard once with my bro. Even though you compete in the game, you need one of the two of you to qualify to proceed, sort of like giving you an extra hit… sort of.

The controls, are pretty self explanatory, they are customizable.

One last comment, after sitting through this game for so long, your eyes hurt from the speed involved, after that. You walk around for 5 minutes with everything in your vision getting distorted like your still racing. Not to fret, it gets better right away, but man. What else can I say, I’m stumped, lets just say this is my third attempt at reviewing this game, that’s how much I enjoy it and want it to be heard about.

Thanks for reading. All comments and questions about the game or review are welcome!

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