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Community Rules & Guidelines

1. Advertising - Nintendo Nerds does not have an official advertising or affiliation program. As such, all requests for advertising shall be handled on a case-by-case manner. Members may post links to other sources within topics if it is pertinent to the subject. Members are also allowed to have external websites within their profile or signature if they so desire. If you wish to advertise within the forum in instances not covered by the previous examples, you must obtain consent from a forum administrator. Keep in mind that advertising via private messaging is strictly prohibited.

2. Multiple Accounts - Members are allowed to create and maintain one account. Members who willfully fail to abide by this rule will be permanently banned from the community. If, by chance, someone else other than you (e.g. a brother or sister) uses a computer that belongs to the same network, please send a personal message request to the forum admin prior to doing so.

3. Posting Etiquette - Please ensure your posts are relevant to the topic at hand. For example, if a topic is about Zelda and a member asks how to upload an avatar, it distracts from the topic and creates unnecessary work for the forum moderators. Please be aware of what forum or topic you are posting to. If a discussion veers off into a natural tangent, the off topic posts will either be spun off into a new topic, or merged into a relevant one.

Additionally, when creating topics or replying to topics, please do not use all capital letters for words. Use proper grammar and refrain from using text message-styled words. Use complete wording so everyone can read the words clearly. Our members vary widely in age and might not understand, or appreciate not being able to read a comment. Where applicable, corrective changes will be made by our team without notice. Posts or topics that do not make sense, due to direct language translation software, will be deleted.

There's a good chance that a topic you're interested in already exists. Please use the search function prior to posting a new topic so duplicates aren't created.

4. Quality, Not Quantity - Having an overwhelming number of posts here at the Nintendo Nerds Forums is not a top priority. While activity and participation is most appreciated, we would rather have quality posting activity. There are some exceptions to this; forum games where one or two words are required to make a post. For example, if you find out that Nintendo is releasing a new 3D Classics game and want to create a topic about it, gather as much useful information about it as you can. Having quality information about something specific will keep members from bouncing around from site to site looking for answers. Quality discussion is what we encourage here, not quantity.

5. Forum Support and Help - Questions you have can often be answered in the forums if you look in the right place. If, by chance, a member has a question and cannot find the answer, a new question should be asked by creating a new topic in the Announcements, Support, & Suggestions forum.

6. Language - Please use reasonable language (PG-13) while posting. The Mature Audiences sub-forum does not restrict language outside of hateful speech and slurs. Videos or other media that contain explicit content, that are posted outside of the Mature Audiences sub-forum, must be wrapped inside spoiler tags with Not Safe For Work (NSFW) typed clearly above it.

7. Respect - Please be respectful to one another. Please work well with one another and think before you post your own opinion about something so not to offend another member's view. This includes posts related to racism, sexism, religious affiliation, violence, one's sexual preference and disabled persons. If you feel you've been harassed through the personal messaging system, please forward the message or material to one of the staff members for further investigation and action.

8. Spamming, Flaming & Trolling, and Other Such Activities - There are many different types of inappropriate, unaccepted behaviors that can be found in online communities. We at Nintendo Nerds take pride in keeping our community free of indecent behavior in an effort to make everyone's visit a pleasant one. There are a few forms of activity that are prohibited here at Nintendo Nerds.

Spamming is the act of posting advertisements, abusive, or unwanted messages. Generally speaking, these posts are made by automated spambots. The Nintendo Nerds community has built a pretty sturdy defense against automated spambots so most of the spamming, if any will come from members who may be unaware that this type of activity is prohibited. Essentially, spamming will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly by a member of the Nintendo Nerds staff.

Flaming & Trolling is hostile or insulting interaction between members. Flaming typically occurs when a member posts a "flame response" to a topic. This response is usually not constructive and does not clarify a discussion. Members referred to as "flamers" often think that their opinion is the only valid one, and the only one that matters. Please do not flame as this can really heat things up and add unwanted drama.

Any other abusive, unethical or negative behavior is not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. If you, as a member, notice any type of abusive behavior and it has not been dealt with by a staff member, please report the activity to a staff member as soon as possible.

9. Posting Images - If you have an image you want to post in a topic, there are a few ways you can do this. The preferred method of posting an image is to save it and upload it to a free image hosting site such as ImageShack, Imgur, or Photobucket. Once you have uploaded the image to a hosting site, just copy the URL of the image in between the tags in your post. The other way to post an image is to attach the file. Keep in mind that there are size restrictions to ensure that images attached are not too large.

10. Age - In 1998, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, was created to protect personal information about children. COPPA states that anyone under the age of 13 is considered a child.

The Nintendo Nerds community does not require members to provide their date of birth, but we prefer members who are at least 13 years of age. Additionally, Nintendo Nerds is not responsible for members who have chosen to falsify their age, which can be changed in their profile after registration has been completed.

11. Warnings, Infractions, and Banning - Members who violate rules will be sent an official private message (PM) from an administrator or moderator. The first official warning is just that...an official warning. The 2nd official PM for the a second offense for the same violation will be followed by an infraction and the 3rd official PM will result in a temporary member ban. The temporary member ban duration will be decided upon between the staff members. This process is not set in stone, we look at every situation on a case-by-case basis and will make decisions accordingly.

12. Personal Information - Please do not provide any personal information while creating your member profile or participating in forum discussions. This includes, but is not limited to physical home addresses, email addresses or any other information that might infringe upon one's personal privacy. This information will simply be deleted by a member of the staff team. In addition to the above, please do not request personal information from other members of the community.

13. Personal Conduct - Our community members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly during their time at Nintendo Nerds. Our staff does a great job ensuring that our members have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We are not, however, responsible for a member's conduct outside of our community.

14. Friend Codes - Please do not randomly post your 3DS Friend Code or NNID (Nintendo Network ID) in discussion topics or the status updates feature. We have created topics specifically for the exchange of 3DS Friend Codes and NNIDs. 3DS Friend Codes and NNIDs posted outside of the official exchange topics will be deleted. You can, however, display either (or both) of these in your member signature.

15. User Names - When creating your member account, do not use words that reference sexual anatomy or inappropriate language. Members who create such user names will have their accounts deleted without notice.

16. Post Requirements - We have an assortment of unique features not commonly found anywhere else. While these features are completely free to use for your benefit, the rank of Goomba (or higher) is required to unlock most of them, including:
  • Friend System
  • Status Updates
  • Profile Customizations
  • Personal Messaging
  • Reputation System
  • Signatures
  • Editing Posts
Keep in mind that posts must be constructive and present some level of quality, as explained in Rule #3 Posting Etiquette.

17. Prohibited Content - The following list of content is prohibited from being posted on Nintendo Nerds when creating new topics, replying to topics, or posting status updates.
  • Game ROM file download sites
  • Club Nintendo codes
  • Game download codes
Additional Thoughts:
- When in doubt, just ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question(actually, there is, but just ask anyway). Any one of the Staff members associated with Nintendo Nerds will be more than happy to help out with a question or concern.
- The Nintendo Nerds Community was designed to be interactive, intuitive, helpful, and enjoyable. Have fun!!
- All rules are subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: July 4, 2015